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Department of Geosciences - Jobs, Internships, & Career Opportunities

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The opportunities posted below have been forwarded to the department to encourage application and or participation. Please read the materials closely to ensure that you meet the requirements and deadline for application.

Please note: Listings will remain past the deadlines to allow you to view past as well as current opportunities. Additional opportunities are posted in the Geosciences Student Lounge, Tomanek Hall 227.

FHSU Opportunities

  • VIP Student Ambassadors - Application Deadline February each year. - VIP Ambassadors serve as student representatives at official FHSU events of their choice throughout the year. Provides opportunities for networking and polishing communication skills. Applicants must be full time undergraduate students.
  • Orientation Leaders - Orientation Leaders work with new students (both on-campus freshmen and transfers) in registering for fall classes and in their transition to FHSU. Applications for due by January of each year for Fall and can be completed on TigerLink.
  • Research Opportunities - Faculty members often accept students to participate in Undergraduate Research Experiences research projects as well as grant and continuing project research. Visit with your advisor and faculty members to see how you can get involved.
  • Clubs - There are many clubs and organizations available on campus to become involved on campus and build your own networks. The Department of Geosciences hosts the Sternberg Geosciences & Geocaching Club, AAPG Student Chapter, SEG Student Chapter, and WiSTEM. Additional clubs and organizations for many interest areas can be found on the TigerLink Organizations Directory page.

Scholarship and Grant Opportunities

Travel, Volunteer, and Study Abroad Opportunities

  • FHSU Study Abroad Opportunities - Experience the world around you and explore new regions and cultures. FHSU offers supported opportunities to participate in Study Abroad Trips, National Student Exchange programs, Spring Break Trips, and more.
  • Broadreach College, USA - Since 1993, college students have been challenged to embrace the thrill of real-world learning. Emerge from Broadreach College with much more than just transfer credits and great memories. Our accredited courses trade the campus setting for another. We take education to every corner of the planet: small villages, field research stations, into the ocean or under a jungle canopy. It's study abroad done in an entirely new way. Go beyond the classroom at Broadreach College, we provide comprehensive educational courses by striking a balance between formal academic instruction, field-based study, skill-building, and learning through services. Please contact Fort Hays to make sure credits from Broadreach College will transfer.
  • Go Eco, USA - Why not give back with a great travel volunteering experience and learn more about the geography, geology and cultures of another region? Provide needed medical assistance or care for orphans in Zimbabwe, teach disadvantaged youths to surf in Cape Town, give back to communities and orphanages in Sri Lanka, or cage dive with Great White sharks in South Africa. This site lists dozens of volunteer positions and experiences. Discover the world from a new perspective in a challenging and inspiring environment!
  • Killam Fellowships Program - This is an opportunity for undergraduate students to spend either one semester or a full academic year studying at a university in Canada. The award carries a value of $5,000 per semester, and includes a health coverage allowance. Added benefits include two enrichment seminars held in Ottawa, ON and Washington, DC. There is also an opportunity for the Cultural Awareness Program which provides funding to travel within Canada for an additional cultural experience. The deadline for the application is January 31st of each year.

Internships, Fellowships, & Conferences

  • The City of Hays & Ellis County - Ellis County and Hays has openings for internships this year. These positions are temporary, limited to 120 working hours per position. The work hours are flexible to accommodate student coursework and secondary jobs. Typical responsibilities would include data acquisition from agencies who operate in Ellis County, digitization, simple spatial analysis, document scanning, document hyperlinking, and large-format printing. Intern will gain valuable experience and demonstrate skills in: GIS software, GIS/GPS hardware, and data management. Submit a resume, including references and work history to: GIS Specialist, City of Hays, 1507 Main Street, Hays KS, 67601 -or- Email: -or- Fax: (785) 628-2005. For more details contact Eamonn Coveney at 785-628-7390.
  • Kansas - Department of Agriculture - The Governor's Internship Program is designed to give students the opportunity to understand the inner workings of state government and contribute to improving the State of Kansas. Internships are offered in fall, spring, and summer sessions.
  • Earth, Wind, and Fire: Sustainable Energy for the 21st Century (REU) - Applications are sought from motivated undergraduate students studying science or engineering to take part in a ten-week research experience over the summer at Kansas State University in the area of sustainable energy for participation in this National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program. Participating students will receive a stipend in the amount of $5000 for the ten-week period and $2500 for food and lodging expenses.
  • NASA DEVELOP program - This is a great opportunity for participants who are interested in practical applications of remote sensing and GIS, specifically in the field of Earth Science. Participants will work with NASA scientists and partner organizations to learn about the use of NASA remote sensing imagery for use in water resources, disaster management, ecological forecasting, and other applications to address environmental community concerns. Opportunities available Fall, Spring, and summer; check out the website for deadlines.
  • The U.S. Department of Energy Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship Program (MLEF) is looking for students to develop research skills with the Department of Energy's Office of Fossil Energy for 10 weeks over the summer. Application is usually due in December of each year.
  • Research Internship in Climate and Weather - SOARS Program. SOARS is a summer research internship for students interested in the atmospheric and related sciences at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (Boulder, CO). The program provides summer research, strong mentoring and community support. To apply, please visit:
  • The Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) is offering two summer research internship programs. To apply please visit:
  • Research Experiences in Solid Earth Science for Students (RESESS) Internship Program - RESESS is an 11-week paid internship program based in Boulder, Colorado, in which interns do summer research on a project of interest to them with a scientist at UNAVCO, the University of Colorado, the U.S. Geological Survey, or from other scientific institutions in the Boulder/Foothills area. To apply please go to:
  • National Science Foundation - The National Science Foundation supports many research opportunities for undergraduates. To search for one in your field of interest, please go to :
  • Research Internship in Seismology and Geophysics - IRIS Undergraduate Internship Program. To apply or get more info:
  • NASA's Planetary Geology and Geophysics Undergraduate Research Program pairs undergraduates and NASA-funded researchers for 8 weeks during the summer. Applications due in January.
  • Smithsonian Institution Fellowships & Internships - The Smithsonian Institution is offering in-residence appointments for research and study using its facilities, and the advice and guidance of its staff. Internship opportunities vary from year to year. Fellowship proposals should fall under at least one of the four grand challenges: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Universe; Understanding and Sustaining a Biodiverse Planet; Valuing World Cultures; and/or Understand the American Experience.
  • California Institute of Technology's Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) - SURF is modeled on the grant-seeking process. Students will collaborate with potential mentors to define and develop a project, applicants will write research proposals for their projects, a faculty committee will review the proposals and recommend awards, and students will carry out the work over a 10-week period in the summer from mid-June to late-August. In conclusion, students will submit a technical paper and give an oral presentation at SURF Seminar Day.
  • NRC Research Associateship Programs - The National Research Council of the National Academies sponsors a number of awards for graduate, postdoctoral and senior researchers at participating federal laboratories and affiliated institutions. These awards include stipends, providing the opportunity for recipients to do independent research in some of the best-equipped and staffed laboratories in the U.S. Applicants should contact prospective advisors at the labs prior to application deadline to discuss research interests and funding opportunities. Review cycle: Dec 1-Feb 1, March 1-May 1, June 1-Aug 1, and Sept 1-Nov 1.
  • John Simon Guggenheim Museum Foundation Fellowships - Fellowships are for advanced professionals in all fields (natural sciences, social sciences, earth sciences, history, humanities, creative arts). Fellowships are granted to selected individuals for 6-12 months to provide fellows with blocks of time to work with creative freedom.
  • Fulbright Scholar Program - Any US citizen, with a PhD or equivalent degree and university/college level teaching experience is eligible to apply.
  • Conservation Internship Program - Sponsored by the Alaska Conservation Foundation. Students interested in a career in conservation, environmental justice, or another related field are encouraged to apply. Internships last 12 weeks and will begin in May or early June.
  • NASA Exploration Systems Mission Directorate - The ESMD Space Grant Project offers internships that are available to juniors, seniors, and graduate students. Stipend amount and length of internship are decided by your local Space Grant Consortium.
  • NASA Internship Opportunities - The NASA Office of Education offers many opportunities for internships, fellowships, and scholarships.
  • Goddard Space Flight Center - The center has many internship and fellowship opportunities available.
  • Johnson Space Center - The Johnson Space Center has many internship and fellowship opportunities available.
  • NASA Undergraduate Student Researcher's Program - This program is an undergraduate internship program for science, engineer, and mathematics majors.
  • Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates Program in Astrobiology - This internship if for student interested in working with scientists at the SETI Institute, as well as with the NASA Ames Research Center on projects in the field of astrobiology, from microbiology to planetary geology to observational astronomy. The program lasts from June to August every year.
  • Global Vision International Research Expeditions - Gain valuable fieldwork experience as an active member of a GVI research expedition. Interns participate in a combination of Geographical, flora and fauna, mountain and forest research projects in a selection of scientific programs worldwide. There is also a free Careers Abroad fieldwork placement and job vacancy service for all interns participating in GVI.
  • Student Conservation Association (SCA) Internships - SCA internships provide the opportunity to work closely with partner agencies to gain firsthand experiences in the field.
  • National Museum of Natural History - A number of opportunities are available at the National Museum of Natural History year round. Internships are available in paleontology, biology, museum studies, geo-referencing, cartography, technical writing/editing, media/PR, educational outreach and information management.
  • National Geographic Geography Internship - Professional experience for university students majoring in Geography. Interns may be assigned to work in one of many divisions within the National Geographic Society performing assignments aimed at the increase and diffusion of geographic knowledge.
  • Nex-Generation Round Up for Youth Inc. Internship Program - Students complete a nine-week summer internship program in Nex-Tech service areas.
  • American Geosciences Institute (AGI) - AGI hosts interns for various programs and activities year-round.
  • Department of Homeland Security HS-STEM Summer Internship Program - The US DHS Science and Technology Directorate Office of University Programs sponsors a 10-week summer internship program for students interested in homeland security related disciplines, remote sensing, and GIS.
  • Association for Women Geoscientists - Multiple opportunities for students by various agencies are listed on the AWG Student Opportunities webpage.

Career Opportunities - Position Announcements

We are no longer posting all job posting announcements on our website, instead we will be using a listserv to send messages to those who are actively seeking employment opportunities.

Interested in receiving notice of available Geosciences positions? Sign up for our email listserv at

This free email listserv is directed towards FHSU alumni and graduating students who are seeking employment opportunities. Periodically, we will post job listings and position opportunity announcements received from alumni, third party recruiters and companies, as well as career related announcements. While the listserv is directed to FHSU alumni and students, anyone is welcome to subscribe to this list. The jobs, positions, and opportunities posted through the listserv are related to the varying career opportunities available in the field of Geosciences including Geology, Geography, GIS and related fields.

Companies and organizations with positions open are welcome also to post to this list. The list is moderated and controlled for Geosciences and professional content. Expect up to a 48 hour delay between the time a message is submitted and reviewed for posting to the list. Note: Attachments are not permitted in posts to this list.

  • To join the FHSU Department of Geosciences Geojobs listserve visit and complete the subscription form to create a profile.
  • To leave the FHSU Department of Geosciences Geojobs listserve log into your subscriber profile account and request to be unsubscribed.
Notice: The FHSU Department of Geosciences maintains this listserve as a service to students, graduates, and alumni. The posting of job announcements on this listserv does not indicated endorsement or recommendation from Fort Hays State University or the Department of Geosciences. Students and interested parties are responsible for all necessary precautions when applying, interviewing for, or accepting positions, and users are responsible for checking the credential and integrity of the potential employer. Listserv communications may include links to websites not under the control of the University or Department, content on these sites are not the responsibility of the University or Department. The links are provided as a convenience and links to any resources or information should not be interpreted as an endorsement of or contractual relationship with a product, viewpoint, organization, or individual. The University and Department assume no liability for acts, omissions, or information by third parties included in messages sent through the listserv



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