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The opportunities posted below have been forwarded to the department to encourage application and or participation. Please read the materials closely to ensure that you meet the requirements and deadline for application.

Please note: Listings will remain past the deadlines to allow you to view past as well as current opportunities. Additional opportunities are posted in the Geosciences Student Lounge, Tomanek Hall 227.

FHSU Opportunities

  • Student Conference & Research Supply Grants - Fall 2013 grant funding not available at this time please check back at a later date. Grants up to $250 will be awarded to support travel to US conferences.  Grants up to $250 will also be awarded to cover research supply expense.  Periodic deadlines, check website for current deadline.
  • Anderson VIP Ambassadors - Application Deadline February 28th - VIP Ambassadors serve as student representatives at official FHSU events of their choice throughout the year. Provides opportunities for networking and polishing communication skills. Applicants must be full time undergraduate students. 
  • Orientation Advisors - Orientation Advisors work with new students (both on-campus freshmen and transfers) in registering for fall classes and in their transition to FHSU.
  • Department of Geosciences student positions are available periodically. Visit the FHSU Student Employment Website for more information and to apply.
  • FHSU Department of Geosciences - The Department of Geosciences has scholarships available for both incoming freshmen and continuing students. To apply for these scholarships, and others complete the FHSU online Scholarship Application.

Scholarship and Grant Opportunities 

Volunteer and Travel Opportunities

  • Broadreach College, USA - Since 1993, college students have been challenged to embrace the thrill of real-world learning. Emerge from Broadreach College with much more than just transfer credits and great memories. Our accredited courses trade the campus setting for another. We take education to every corner of the planet: small villages, field research stations, into the ocean or under a jungle canopy. It's study abroad done in an entirely new way. Broadreach focuses on Marine Science, Animal Science, Ecology, Medicine, International Development, Photography & Journalism, Language & Culture, and Leadership & Outdoor Skills. Go beyond the classroom at Broadreach College, we provide comprehensive educational courses by striking a balance between formal academic instruction, field-based study, skill-building, and learning through services. Please contact Fort Hays to make sure credits from Broadreach College will transfer. 
  • Go Eco, USA - This holiday season why not give back with a great travel volunteering experience. Provide needed medical assistance or care for orphans in Zimbabwe, teach disadvantaged youths to surf in Cape Town, give back to communities and orphanages in Sri Lanka, or cage dive with Great White sharks in South Africa. Discover the world from a new perspective in a challenging and inspiring environment.
  •  South Africa: Johannesburg Wildlife Sanctuary - Live among Africa's spectacular wildlife while volunteering at the Wildlife Sanctuary.  A refuge for at-risk or injured animals, the sanctuary allows volunteers to work alongside staff, caring for and consistently improving the quality of life for the animals.  Volunteers can choose to either focus on a particular species or work on one of the many construction programs.  These include creating firebreaks, a vulture kitchen, enclosure construction, and other conservation initiatives that may be in place.
  • Mexico:Diving for Marine Conservation - Discover the unique biodiversity of Pez Maya in this fantastic volunteer placement.  Not only will volunteers come out as certified PADI divers but you will also gain a hands-on, practical field experience in environmental conservation.  The project works to get volunteers out on as many dives as possible and though days on the research boat can be long, there is plenty of spare time for fun dives and exploring!  There is also a component of community outreach and education, making this an extremely dynamic placement.
  • South Africa: Great White Shark Conservation - Travel to South Africa and volunteer in the Great White Shark capitol of the world.  Cage dive with Great Whites and collect data on many marine species for marine biology research.  Participants gain the maximum from their time by working closely with biologists in a relatively small area of the sea.  The two cornerstones of the project are marine conservation/research aboard a new research vessel and cage diving with sharks aboard a state-of-the-art boat operating every day, weather permitting.
  • Thailand: Akha Hilltribe Aid and Experience - Volunteer in Thailand assisting with the education and development of the Akha hill tribes.  Experience unique new cultures and traditions while providing much needed aid to the local communities.  During the project, you will work with organizations that support the Akha minority.  The work is very diverse from construction to teaching to working with the villagers, it will all depend upon the needs of the community at the time and on your preferences!  During your stay you will also visit local markets and help to sustain local initiatives.
  • Spain: Eco-friendly Hospitality Internship in Barcelona - Join the GoEco Internship Program in Barcelona, Spain, one of Europe's cultural capitols.  Volunteer at the famous HelloBCN hostel and develop eco-tourism initiatives and live within walking distance of many historical and cultural sites.  interns will be involved in several activities such as chaperoning groups of tourists on informal walks both within the city center and to Montserrat, a very important sight in Catalan history.  Other duties include serving breakfast and serving in the bar at night, in addition to light cleaning.  Possible projects could include other ecological tourism initiatives, website translation, social marketing initiatives and group activities and tours.
  • GO ECO Organization - Search their website for dozens of volunteer positions all over the world. Search by region, like Africa or Central America, or search by category, like wildlife or education.  Details on participation fees, accommodation, length of stay, travel coverage and food costs, as well as details on the volunteer position, are on the website. Check it out for incredible opportunities!

Internships, Fellowships, & Conferences

  • Multiple Summer 2014 Opportunities offered - Permafrost Summer Field School, and two positions in Training Program in Arctic Atmospheric Science. If interested in the Permafrost Summer Field School please visit: If interested in the Training Program in Arctic Atmospheric Science please contact: Kimberly Strong, Email: For the undergraduate internship in the Training Program in Arctic Atmospheric Science Summer 2014 please visit
  •  Research Internship in Climate and Weather - SOARS Program. SOARS is a summer research internship for students interested in the atmospheric and related sciences at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (Boulder, CO). The program provides summer research, strong mentoring and community support. To apply, please visit:
  •   The Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) is offering two summer research internship programs. To apply please  visit:
  •  Research Experiences in Solid Earth Science for Students (RESESS) Internship Program - RESESS is an 11-week paid internship program based in Boulder, Colorado, in which interns do summer research on a project of interest to them with a scientist at UNAVCO, the University of Colorado, the U.S. Geological Survey, or from other scientific institutions in the Boulder/Foothills area. To apply please go to:
  •  National Science Foundation - The National Science Foundation supports many research opportunities for undergraduates. To search for on ein your field of interest, please go to : Research Internship in Seismology and Geophysics - IRIS Undergraduate Internship Program. To apply or get more info:
  •    Nasa's Planetary Geology and Geophysics Undergraduate Research Program pairs undergraduates and NASA-funded researchers for 8 weeks during the summer, and is accepting applications for the summer of 2014. Applications are due on February 3, 2014 and require: The online application (see , 2 letters of recommendation, and official transcripts. Please see the website: ( for more details, and please email us ( with any questions.
  •   AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellows Program - The 2014 AAAS Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellowship application is now available online. The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellowship seeks to increase communication skills in student scientists. From grant writing to interaction with their community, today's young scientists must also be able science communicators. AAAS wishes to focus on serving the growing Latino populations of the U.S. by supporting science communication and education in the language of those communities and addressing issues of importance. For the first time, we are recruiting Spanish Language Fellow(s) who will be able to expand the work with mainstream Spanish new outlets. To learn more and to apply, please visit
  •   National Research Council's Research Associateship Programs - To find out more about the 27 participating agencies, visit the following website:  
  • Smithsonian Institution Fellowships - The Smithsonian Institution is encouraging access to its collections, staff specialties, and reference resources for students.  The Institution is offering in-residence appointments for research and study using its facilities, and the advice and guidance of its staff.  Proposals should fall under at least one of the four grand challenges: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Universe; Understanding and Sustaining a Biodiverse Planet; Valuing World Cultures; and/or Understand the American Experience. For more details about the challenges, please visit:
  • Chemistry/Geoscience/Petroleum Engineering Internship - These summer internships are with Champion Technologies in Hays, KS.  They are looking for chemistry or geoscience majors interested in servicing the local oil and gas industry.  The initial focus will be on safely gathering data during both field and lab exposure in order to provide solutions for paraffin and asphaltene mitigation in producing oil and gas wells.  This will require some long hours outdoors within Ellis County and surrounding counties, traveling out of state may be necessary.  Please forward resume to
  • NASA History Program Internship - Currently, this is an unpaid internship. However, students are encouraged to apply for stipends or other funding through the national network of state space grant consortia, their home educational institution, or other corporate/nonprofit sources.  To apply, please send resume, writing sample, and name and contact information of at least 2 personal references to Steve Garber,, 202-358-2866 fax. Include a cover letter indicating when you would like to start and finish your internship, what days of the week and hours you are available to work, and when you are available for an in-person or telephone interview. Also, please indicate whether you expect to receive funding from your state Space Grant Consortium or another source. Deadlines are Winter/Spring: October 30, Summer: February 4, and Fall: June 1.
  • California Institute of Technology's Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) - SURF is modeled on the grant-seeking process. Students will collaborate with potential mentors to define and develop a project, applicants will write research proposals for their projects, a faculty committee will review the proposals and recommend awards, and students will carry out the work over a 10-week period in the summer from mid-June to late-August. In conclusion, students will submit a technical paper and give an oral presentation at SURF Seminar Day. Awards will be announced April 2nd. 
  • NRC Research Associateship Programs - The National Research Council of the National Academies sponsors a number of awards for graduate, postdoctoral and senior researchers at participating federal laboratories and affiliated institutions. These awards include generous stipends ranging from $42,000 - $75,000 per year for recent Ph.D. recipients, and higher for additional experience. Graduate entry level stipends begin at $30,000. These awards provide the opportunity for recipients to do independent research in some of the best-equipped and staffed laboratories in the U.S. Applicants should contact prospective advisors at the labs prior to application deadline to discuss their research interests and funding opportunities. There are 4 annual review cycles for these programs: Dec 1-Feb 1, March 1-May 1, June 1-Aug 1, and Sept 1-Nov 1.
  • Jefferson Science Fellowship -  This fellowship is open to tenured or similarly ranked faculty from US institutions of higher learning who are US citizens.  The application periods opens in the fall and closes in mid-January. Selected fellows spend one year on assignment at the US Dept of State or USAID as science advisors on foreign policy issues.  Assignments are tailored to the needs of the hosting office, while taking into account the fellow's interests and areas of expertise. Fellows will also have the opportunity to travel to US embassies and missions overseas.  At the conclusion of the fellowship year, upon returning to their home institution, fellows continue to serve as a resource to the State Dept. and USAID for an additional 5 years. 
  • John Simon Guggenheim Museum Foundation Fellowships - These fellowships are for advanced professionals in all fields (natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, creative arts) except the performing arts.  Fellowships are granted to selected individuals for 6-12 months.  Grants are made freely: no special conditions attach to them, and fellows may spend grant funds in any manner they deem necessary to their work. Around 220 fellowships are awarded each year. Deadline has passed. Please check back at a later date.
  • Fulbright Scholar Program - Any US citizen, with a PhD or equivalent degree and university/college level teaching experience is eligible to apply.  The 2013 competition will open February 1, 2012.
  • GoEco International Volunteer Opportunities - GoEco offers many affordable volunteer opportunities around the world in fields such as conservation, ecology, education, healthcare, geography, and natural science.
  • AAPG/SEG Student Expo - Fall Expo will be September 8-9 in Houston, TX. The expo are a good way to network with potential employers, and interviews will be held with energy-related companies in a lively, energetic, and hospitable atmosphere.  Students are encouraged to enter the scientific poster contest.  Money prizes will be given! 
  • Conservation Internship Program - Sponsored by the Alaska Conservation Foundation.  Students interested in a career in conservation, environmental justice, or another related field are encouraged to apply.  Internships last 12 weeks and will begin in May or early June.
  • NASA Exploration Systems Mission Directorate  - The ESMD Space Grant Project offers internships that are available to juniors, seniors, and graduate students.  Stipend amount and length of internship are decided by your local Space Grant Consortium.
  • Goddard Space Flight Center - The center has many internship and fellowship opportunities available.
  • NASA Education Associates Program    - The NASA EAP offers students, post-docs and faculty the opportunity to work with scientists and engineers on NASA projects. The NASA EAP is a unique workforce development program that provides hands-on experience for participants in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math and other academic disciplines. The NASA EAP is a year-round program and has a variety of time frames available.
  • NRC Research Associateship Program  - Provides opportunities for Graduate, PhD, ScD, or MD scientists and engineers to perform research on problems largely of their own choosing, yet compatible with the research interests of the laboratory. Prospective applicants must initiate contact with Advisers at the lab(s) before application deadline (May 1).  Call NRC at (202)334-2760 or email for more information.
  • Johnson Space Center - The center has many internship and fellowship opportunities available.
  • Glenn Research Center - They have many higher education programs available that can lead to foregoing opportunities.
  • Ames Research Center - The center has many internship and fellowship opportunities available.
  • United Negro College Fund Special Programs Corporation - The division of Science and Technology has many internships and fellowships open to faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students.
  • NASA Undergraduate Student Researcher's Program - This program is an undergraduate internship program for science, engineer, and mathematics majors.
  • Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates Program in Astrobiology at the SETI Institute - This program allows you to work with scientists at the SETI Institute, as well as with the NASA Ames Research Center on projects in the field of astrobiology, from microbiology to planetary geology to observational astronomy. The program lasts from June to August every year. Current sophomore or junior undergraduate students are encouraged to apply. Application deadline is in February.
  • Global Vision International Research Expeditions - Gain valuable fieldwork experience as an active member of a Global Vision International research expedition Interns participate in a combination of Geographical, flora and fauna, mountain and forest research projects in a selection of scientific programmes worldwide. There is also a free Careers Abroad fieldwork placement and job vacancy service for all interns once they have participated with GVI. To request further details including a detailed briefing, contact GVI directly on 1 888 653 6028 or e-mail:
  • Smithsonian Fellowships & Internships - The Smithsonian Institute offers several fellowships and internships annually to students.
  • SCA Expense-Paid Internships - Continually offer new opportunities.

Career Opportunities - Position Announcements  

Geology Positions  Geography/GIS Positions  |  Teaching/Faculty Positions  |  Other Positions 

Geology Positions

  • Hydrogeologist/ Geologist, Doylestown, PA - Langan is looking for a candidate to preform environmental site investigation and remediation work; soil and groundwater sampling; vapor intrusion investigations; data management, processing and evaluation; and report preparation. 
  • Geologist, Omaha, NE - Perform various field duties such as geologic logging of borings, monitoring well design and installation, sediment, soil and groundwater sampling. 
  • Geologist, Denver, CO - The Southern Operations is seeking a Geologist with a proven track record of accomplishments to support Encana's emerging San Juan/Niobrara development in Northwestern New Mexico. This position will report to the Group Lead Development, San Juan Sub Business Unit.
  • Geologist, Houston, TX - Paradigm is looking for a Geologist to work in a Technical Sales Advisory role for one of their largest clients in Southeast Asia. This position will begin as a 6-12 month assignment in Southeast Asia, preferably Jakarta. 
  • Seismic Processing Specialist, Houston, TX - Noble Energy is looking for a Seismic Specialist to consult, and advise teams on processing flows. 
  • Entry Level Environmental Geologists, Tallahassee, FL - AMEC is seeking an Entry Level Environmental Geologist to support our growing environmental assessment and remediation practice in the North Florida Region. 
  • Exploration Geologist, Juneau, AK - The Exploration Geologist will contribute to the advancement of exploration programs at the Kensington Gold mine. The Kensington ore deposit consists of multiple, precious metal beating, mesothermal quartz- carbonate-pyrite-vein swarms and discrete quartz-pyrite veins hosted in the Cretaceous Jualin diorite. 
  • Geologist I/ Hazardous Waste Specialist I, Pheonix, AZ - Geologist/ Hazardous Waste Specialist for Phase I will include analysis of environmental risks using ASTM investigative protocols. Phase II projects will include directions/observation of drilling activities.
  •  Environmental Scientist, Pleasanton, CA - This is a multi-faceted staff position supporting a variety of projects for a rapidly growing branch office of national environmental consulting firm. Project assignments will include, but not be limited to performing: Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments; Environmental Compliance Inspections; Asbestos, Lead Paint & Mold Inspections; Soil, Groundwater and Soil Gas Sampling; Proposal and Report Writing; and other duties as assigned.
  •  Geologist, Hibbing, MN - The Ore Grade Geologist will manage, coordinate and implement functions related to the geology of the mine including diamond drilling, bench design, ore grading, geological mapping, and crude ore sampling.
  •  Exploration Geologist, Houston, TX - The job will involve working with and giving regular presentations to BHPB management, Joint Venture Partners and host country government agencies as applicable, working as part of a multidisciplinary team involved in integration of data and generation of geological products aimed at improving both regional and block specific knowledge, and allowing high grading of the most prospective areas. 
  •  Environmental Engineer/ Geologist, Ventura, CA - Rincon Consultants is looking for a full time environmental engineer, geologist, or environmental scientist to conduct field work, manage environmental investigations and remediation projects, and prepare technical reports.
  •  Geologist, Houston, TX - Paradigm is looking for a Geologist to work in a Technical Sales Advisory role for one of their largest clients in Southeast Asia. Minimum of 3 years of experience as a practicing Geologist with an oil company or oil field service company.
  •  Core Analyst, Houston, TX - Qualified applicants must perform laboratory testing with emphasis on Petrophysical Work, Rock Mechanics and/or Flow Studies. Must be familiar with and able to utilize Laboratory Instruments effectively. Essential duties include recording operating data from laboratory equipment including flow pumps, pressure transducers and gauges, scales and balances, resistivity monitors, and basic laboratory glassware.
  •  Environmental Specialist, Denver, CO - Assist in developing, implementing and managing proactive division specific air programs to ensure compliance with both state and federal air quality laws and regulations. Gather GHG emission data and submission of annual reports. Excellent communication and analytical skills required.

Geography/GIS Positions

  • For a list of all GIS jobs please visit: the most visited GIS/RS jobs site on the Internet.
  • Information Technology Specialist/Technician, Denver, CO - This technical position provides support for all IT areas for C-Level Executive Support, Executive Briefing Center, AV equipment and related technologies. 
  • GIS Analyst, Las Cruces, NM - Performs technical and analytical work in the planning, analyzing, designing and programming of large, complex multi-layered spatial data sets within an Enterprise Geographic Information System (EGIS) database. Position involves competing demands, performing multiple tasks, working to deadlines, occasional work beyond normal business hours, and responding to customer issues. 
  • GIS Mapping Specialist, Fort Worth, TX - The primary purpose of the GIS Mapping Specialist is to maintain and update ARCSDE databases, create and manipulate maps, and develop geographic display data to support Land, Geology, Regulatory, and company operations. 
  • Demographer, Fulton County, GA - Collects and analyzes demographic and economic data to forecast current and future demands for public services. Analyzes and interprets data and applies statistical methodology to provide information for research and analysis. 
  • Environmental Planner, Anchorage, Alaska - The position is for a senior level Project Manager for URS Alaska. 
  • GIS Technician (Disaster Recovery Response), Houston, TX - Primary duties include performing skilled digital mapping involving preparation and maintenance of digital maps for the division's Response and Recovery operations section, validation of data using spatial tools, and converting hand drawn maps into a digital format for use in a Geographic Information System (GIS). 
  • GIS Entry Level, St. Louis, MO - Provide support in geospatial analysis of cartographic products, georeferencing of cartographic products, and data finishing. 
  • GIS Data Coordinator, Kansas City, MO - Manage, monitor, and maintain spatial data change requests and updates. Coordinate data change processes to meet business needs and generate the changes within data analysis tools and maps to support internal customer. Generate maps used for visualization, analysis, and decision making and support the impplementation of new solutions. 
  •  GIS Analyst, Gainesville, FL - Jones Edmunds & Associates Inc. is seeking a GIS Analyst proficient in business analysis and database management reporting. The GIS Analyst will use geographic information system applications to perform billable services to satisfy client needs.
  •   GIS Analyst, United States - This GIS Analyst position will work in conjunction with CADD drafters and technicians so a working knowledge of AutoCAD will be beneficial. We are also interested in an applicant that has an understanding of enterprise systems and ArcGIS for server implementation, functionality, and functionality, and development capabilities including many skills. For more job posting please follow the link:
  •  Program Manager - Information Technology, Silverdale, WA - Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue, headquartered in Silverdale, Washington, is currently accepting applications to fill a position for the Program Manager of Information Technology. This position is a member of the executive team and is responsible for aligning the District's information technology with future innovations and current needs across multiple geographic sites.
  •    Remote Sensing and Imaging Scientist, St. Louis, MO - Monsanto is seeking a highly motivated engineer to join a growing team focused on the development and development and delivery of the next generation of Automation and High Through Phenotyping platforms for our global soybean breeding field testing network.
  •   Surveyor, Williston, ND - KLJ is looking for an individual that will assist in providing surveying services for KLJ projects in a timely, accurate, and cost effective manner.

Teaching/Faculty Positions

Volunteer Work

  • GoEco Opportunities: Include accommodations, full board, full pre-departure and in-country assistance, training, and support.
  • Tiger and Lion Park, South Africa - The Tiger and Lion project was founded to ensure the preservation of African wildlife. Since the 1970's the population of lions in Africa has decreased by 80-90 percent, due to poaching, reduction of natural habitats, and disease. The park not only aims to breed strong and healthy animals for possible re-release, but also acts as a platform for education and conservation awareness. Most work that is done by volunteers revolves around one-on-one care of tiger and lion cubs and includes feeding, walking, and cleaning the cubs, as well as assistance with research and rehabilitation programs. 
  • Teaching and Community Developement, Cambodia - With 75% of the general population living on less than 2USD per day, local NGO's, in conjunction with the provincial education department, are working toward increasing the standard of education throughout Cambodia. Volunteers are a vital part of the program. This is a great opportunity to really immerse yourself in the culture, get to know the locals, and also have a lasting contribution to the level of education in the community. Duties can range anywhere from informal teaching, environmental awareness activities, and general maintenance and construction.
  • Permaculture and Sustainable Agriculture, Israel - The eco-farm was created around the principles of sustainable living and embracing all that nature provides for us. Volunteers will focus on four main portals of sustainable living: utilizing sustainable energy resources and recycling, sustainable gardening and agriculture methods without the use of pesticides, creating a cooperative community in which everyone pitches in, and creating public awareness through tours, workshops, seminars, and lectures. This is a unique chance to gain insight into just how powerful and resourceful our Earth can be. 

Other Positions

  • NSCRiM Scientific Programmer, University Park, Pennsylvania - The Network for Sustainable Climate Risk Management (SCRiM) seeks candidates for a scientific programmer position with a focus on integrated Earth systems modeling and analysis.  The position will be based at Pennsylvania State University.  The position will include tasks such as coupling of modeling components, processing and analysis of observational data and climate model output, development of web-enabled visualization and analysis tools, and general support of the project's cyberinfrastructure.  Must have a bachelor's degree, but a Master's or PhD is preferred, and must be proficient in Fortran, C, R, NCL, and/or Matlab.   To apply, please email ( a single PDF file (maximum 8 MB) containing a cover letter, a curriculum vitae (2-page max), a one-page publication (if applicable), and contact information with at least three references. For questions about the position, please contact: Robert Nicholas,
  • United Nations Fund for International Partnerships (UNFIP) - UNFIP is currently searching for multiple positions at different levels, including: Interpreter, Public Affairs Officer, Chief Regional Commissions NY Office, Senior Programme Officer, Transport Planner, Chief Nurse, Associate Pharmacist, Chief Medical Officer, Senior Environmental Affairs Officer, Programme Officer, Finance Officer, Research Assistant, Internship Programme. Please see site for details of each:  


Resources and Listings of job clearinghouse websites


Positions Listed and Filled in the last 6 months

  • Adjunct Instructor- Physical Geography - This part-time teaching position is at Raritan Valley Community College in Somerville, NJ. The instructor will primarily teach Introduction to Physical Geography. Master's degree in area of specialty and teaching experience required.
  • Adjunct- Geography - Located in Arlington, VA, this teaching position is at Marymount University. The school of Arts and Sciences is seeking an instructor to teach Introduction to Geography - a course that covers the areas of physical, historical, cultural, and political geography. Must have Master's degree in Geography with at least 18 graduate credits in Geography.
  • Entry-level Geologist - Located in Minneapolis, MN, this position is with URS Corporation.  Must have Bachelor's degree in geology or related discipline. Must also have general knowledge of geology, environmental science principles, and local systems, as well as of state and federal environmental regulatory framework. Must be able to write in a clear and concise manner.
  • GIS Specialist - Located in Rosenberg, TX, this position is with the City of Rosenberg.  Position will be responsible for assisting with development and maintenance of the City's GIS by adding new subdivision parcels and utility infrastructure, and creation of additional mapping layers and databases as necessary.  Must have Bachelor's degree in GIS, Geography or a related field and 2+ years experience in GIS. Must have knowledge of AutoCAD, ArcInfo, and ArcView. 
  •  Chief Geologist- Reserves and Resources - Located in Salt Lake City, UT, this position is with Barrick Gold. Must have Geology or Geologic Engineering degree.  Practical knowledge of exploration techniques and geologic/resource modeling tools and mine and exploration geology procedures are required. Relevant experience in the assessment, evaluation, and estimation of gold deposits (Qualified as 'Competent Person' under NI-43-101 & JORC code) is also required.  Assistant Professor- Human-Environment Interactions - The Geography Department at Utah State University is looking for an assistant professor to teach one or more undergraduate courses in GIS, advise and mentor students in the Geographical Analysis/Bioregional Planning emphasis, contribute to the MS degree in Bioregional Planning, and develop/support a research program in his/her area of expertise.  Must have PhD in Geography or related field at time of appointment.
  • Field Geologist/Petrologist - Located in California, PA, this position is at the  California University of Pennsylvania. Must have a PhD in Geology or a related field and college-teaching experience is preferred.  Position will include teaching Earth Resources, Mineralogy, Petrology, Geochemistry, and Introductory Geology & Earth Science courses.  Candidate will be expected to teach upper-division courses within their expertise as well as other upper-division courses. Must be an outstanding educator who can integrate classroom, field, and lab approaches to teaching Geosciences