2019 FHSU Faculty and Staff Exchange with NWMU and NWUPL

An All- (or Most-) Expenses-Paid Opportunity for Professional Growth


  1. Who is eligible to apply? Most FHSU faculty and staff are eligible. There are three different trips, with slightly different details.


  1. What are the purposes?
    1. to share scholarly expertise with students and faculty of Chinese universities;
    2. to engage students and faculty in English and in a manner more typical of the American university;
    3. to answer questions about FHSU and the U.S.;
    4. to foster research relationships with colleagues in China;
    5. to increase knowledge and appreciation of China and its peoples.


  1. What is the cost? Overseas and China transportation, room, board, and visa are paid by Chinese partner or by FHSU. Passport costs, and, of course, souvenirs and other incidentals are the traveler’s responsibility.


  1. When and for how long? The trips are about two weeks long, leaving Hays in late May and returning to Hays in early June, 2019. The details are explained below.


  1. Can one’s spouse, family, significant other travel as well? No, this year the exchange is only for the eligible FHSU employee.


  1. Where are these exchanges? In the People’s Republic of China. Two of the exchanges are hosted by Northwest Minzu University in Lanzhou, Gansu Province (Northwest China); and one by Northwest University of Political Science and Law in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province (North Central China). FHSU partners with both of these universities for study abroad and faculty exchange.


  1. What can one expect to do during this faculty exchange? Present talks (60 to 75 minutes in either untranslated, translated, or semi-translated form, plus 30 to 45 minutes for questions and answers). PPT required, which may be need to be translated in advance. Faculty and staff visiting NWMU will probably present at other universities in the region as well, which provides an opportunity to sightsee in those areas. Those visiting NWUPL will sightsee in the Xi’an area. Partner university will provide those sightseeing arrangements.


  1. Can one stay in China after the exchange period for personal travel? Though that has been done before, in 2019 that will not be a possibility, due to complications with reimbursement of airfare costs by the partners. Roundtrip travel is purchased by the partner through FHSU, requiring you to return at the end of the exchange.


  1. Can one leave from or return to somewhere other than Hays? Though this, too, has been done in past years, recent changes in Chinese governmental attitudes and practices are now ruling that out.


  1. You say “most” faculty and staff are eligible. Who is not? There are four groups of faculty and staff who are not eligible to apply this year: (a) people who are citizens of the People’s Republic of China; (b) people who cannot successfully gain a tourist visa to travel in China; (c) those whose immigration status or change in citizenship makes it unwise or illegal to travel at this time; and (d) those whose supervisors do not approve of one’s participation in the exchange. Finally, to qualify fully for the exchange those selected by FHSU must be approved by the Chinese government as “foreign experts.” We will request your CV or resume at a later point for consideration by the Chinese government.


  1. How should I apply for one or more of these faculty exchanges? Complete the application form and submit it to pfaber@fhsu.edu by October 31, 2018. The application asks you, among other things, to prioritize the three trips. If the mixture of applicants does not fortuitously break out perfectly, then these preferences will be used in deciding on the applications: (1) those whose expertise is most useful to or requested by NWMU or by NWUPL; (2) those who have not participated in the NWMU or NWUPL exchanges recently; (3) those who are teaching faculty; (4) those who have less prior experience with China; (5) those who have full-time positions; and (6) for the NWUPL exchange there is a slight preference given to faculty in the Robbins College of Business and Entrepreneurship.


  1. What are the differences among the three trips? Please see the grid below. As points of reference, you may note that commencement at FHSU is May 17 and 18, 2019, with grades due on Monday, May 20, 2019, and that the first day of FHSU Summer term is Monday, June 3, 2019. Travel dates to and from China typically work around these established dates. Also, there are no returning flights to Hays on Saturday; only on Sunday.





 NWMU A Trip, Lanzhou,

NWMU B Trip, Lanzhou

NWUPL, Xi’an

Departure date

Monday, May 20

Saturday, May 25

Monday, May 20

Return date

Sunday, June 2

Sunday, June 9

Sunday, June 2


Status of someone who has been on a prior NWMU exchange



Eligible, but lower priority


Eligible, but lower priority




Status of someone who has been on a prior NWUPL exchange







Not eligible


Maximum number of faculty or staff selected









May travel to Sias to participate in 20th anniversary celebration









  1. Anything else that I should know? FHSU will assign one faculty member as “leader” of each group. Faculty selected should be willing and interested in meeting the faculty from the partner school that they will be visiting during the Spring 2019 term on campus.


For questions, please contact:


Dr. Paul Faber, Dean

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

785/628-4234 pfaber@fhsu.edu



Cindy Elliott

Assistant Vice President for Global Partnerships

785/628-5834 celliott@fhsu.edu


Mary Meier

785/628-5818 mmeier@fhsu.edu


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