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Intramural Council

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The Intramural Council consists of a student representative from each resident hall, five off campus representatives, and from each Greek house. The Intramural Council, upon the director's request, shall rule on protests, points of eligibility, rules, and policies of the Intramural program. Their ruling shall be considered official and final.

The Intramural Council shall have the discretionary power to disqualify any individual from any particular sport who is, in their opinion, clearly out of the class of intramural competition. NOTE: It is understood that this power will be used only in unusual cases.


1) Furnish leadership in the Intramural Program as part of the administrative body.
2) Rule on protest and points of eligibility.
3) Make recommendations to Intramural Director on rule changes and intramural policies.
4) Assist in promoting the Intramural program as part of the administrative body.
5) Set good examples while participating in intramurals.
6) Help with one intramural sponsored event during the year.
7) Create, organize, distribute, and tally a campus wide intramural questionnaire.

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