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Eligibility for Participation

Assumption of Risk
Captain's Duties

1. Special weekend events are open to any FHSU faculty/staff or students regardless of their league affiliation.

2. FHSU students in good standing, enrolled in 7 hours or more (graduate students need only 6 hours or more) are eligible for Intramurals.

3. All FHSU faculty, staff, and their spouses, are eligible.

4. Current members of intercollegiate sports programs may not participate in that sport. This applies to Red Shirt players and players who are academically ineligible for their varsity team as well.

5. Varsity players who are cut from intercollegiate programs are eligible.

6. Varsity players who quit during their season are eligible for that sport immediately if he/she was not receiving financial aid based on athletic ability.

7. Participants who are considered former intercollegiate athletes are eligible to participate in a similar intramural sports event. However, they must participate in the higher division/league. No more than 2 former intercollegiate athletes may play on the same team with the exception of softball. On softball teams, three former intercollegiate athletes may be entered. (Subject to Intramural Director review.)

**Former Player/Letterperson: Any individual who "made the final cut."

8. No more than two former intercollegiate athletes may participate on any team with the exception of softball. On softball teams, three former intercollegiate athletes may be entered.

9. A participant may not be a member of more than one team in each activity. Exception is being on a co-ed team and one men's or women's team.

10. Any person not on the team entry is ineligible. All entries, team and individual, must be made on official intramural rosters.

11. Team Captains, not the Intramural Sports staff, have the responsibility for ascertaining eligibility.

12. A participant must sign the waiver portion of the entry form.

Penalties for Eligibility

1. Any team who plays an ineligible player will forfeit any and all contests in which that player has participated in.

2. Any participant using an assumed name shall be barred from the remainder of the league and/or tournament.

3. Any participant found playing on more than one men, women or co-ed team will forfeit the game in which they are playing even if they are listed on that team's roster.

Medical Eligibility

All students taking part in the intramural program should have a health form on file with the Student Health Center. The Intramural Office reserves the right to require proof of a health exam prior to specific activities.

Insurance & Injuries

All participants engage in Intramural sports at their own risk. All participants are encouraged to have a physical examination and obtain adequate health and accident insurance prior to participating in intramural activities. First Aid will not be administered by the FHSU Athletic Training Staff.

Injury Reports

All accidents must be reported to the Intramural Office and an accident form filled out. The Department of Intramurals is not responsible for injuries incurred during intramural participation or practice. Emergency treatment is provided by the Student Health Service during office hours only. The Hays Medical Clinic (office hours only) and the emergency room of the Hays Medical Center will receive emergencies.

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