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Department of History Theses 1990 to Present

Graduate Student Year Thesis Title
Cynthia Fent 1990 "The Medical Practice of Carlos Montezuma Yavapais Physician and Indian Reformer"
Thomas Hardy 1990 ""I have come to you from the west" : John Pope at Second Manassas, a study of the leadership style and errors committed by Major General John Pope during the campaign of Second Manassas in the American Civil War"
Jim Leiker 1992 "The Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Hays"
Brian Tittel 1992 "A Tempest in Prairie Politics: The Rise of Populism in Ellis County, Kansas"
Betsy Crawford-Gore 1994 "The Ku Klux Klan and the press in Western Kansas, 1921-1926 : an examination of Hays, Larned and Wallace County
Timothy Nehls 1995 "The Battle of the Wabash: A Study of the Effects of Logistics During General Arthur St. Clair's Campaign Against the Indians in the Old Northwest Territory, 1791"
Bradley Schinstock 1997 "The Prairie Band of Pottawatomie Indians and Federal Indian Assimilation Policy, 1871-1934"
Todd Leahy 2000 "Pontiac and Tecumseh: An Evaluation of Early Pan-Indian Confederacies"
Chris Vancil 2001 "Battling the Bureau: The Struggle for Irrigation in Ellis County, Kansas, 1920 - 1962"
Dale Harwood 2002 "Broken Promises and False Hopes: Japanese Policy and Attitude Towards Allied P.O.W.s during the Second World War"
Curtis Stevens 2002 "The Decline of Southwestern Kansas: A History of Groundwater Management in Southwestern Kansas"
Susan Brenn 2003 "Path to Glory: Women on Indian Missions in Kansas, 1824 - 1870"
Erin Hammer 2004 "Redefining Sexuality and Marriage: Lillian Harman and Lucifer, the Light-bearer, 1886 - 1910"
Nicholas Krehbiel 2004 "Clouds of the Rising Sun: Japan's Chemical Weapons Program during World War II"
Charlotte Hinger 2005 "African American Activists: The Pioneer Politicians of Nicodemus, Kansas, 1877 - 1880"
Travis Larsen 2006 "Ahead of the Curve: A History of the National Baseball Congress Tournament in Wichita, Kansas, 1935 - 2005"
Sandra Amponsah 2007 "Heritage of the People: A History of the Ellis County Historical Society, 1971 - 2007"
Joshua Haar 2007 "William Gilmore Simms and John Pendleton Kennedy: Southern Literature and the Spectre of Thomas Jefferson"
Raymond Nolan 2007 "The Kickapoos and the Sac and Fox: Working Together for Sovereignty"
Elisha Beck 2008 "History of Select Business in the Historic Chestnut Street District of Downtown Hays, KS"
Ben Peeler 2008 "Best of All Possible Care: An Examination of Scientifically Progressive Medicine in Hays from 1867 - 1918"
Carson Norton 2009 "General George Crook and General Nelson A. Miles: Their Careers as Indian Fighters and Allied Adversaries"
Hollie Marquess 2009 ""She is a Riddle to Them:" Angela Tilton Heywood's Sex Radicalism in a Framework of Traditional Womanhood"
Jodanna Bitner 2010 "Dust Bowl Dichotomy: Voting Trends in Morton and Osborne County during the Great Depression"
Brian Weber 2010 "Progressive Municipal Reform as Reflected in Dodge City Newspapers: The Progressive Agendas of Robert Wright, George Hoover, and Adolf Gluck"
Brian Gribben 2010 "Weighted Scales: American Newspaper Coverage of the Trial of the Major War Criminals at Nurmberg"
Chris Dinkel 2010 "Moon Rocks and Meditations: Cooperation and Competition in Space Race Diplomacy"
Eric Quaidoo 2010 "The United States and the Overthrow of Kwarme Nkrumah"
Hyrum Somers 2011 "Heber Doust Curtis and the Island Universe Theory"
Gary Younger 2011 "Sitting Bull and Geronimo: A Comparison of their Military and Religious Leadership"
Ryan Kennedy 2012 "Drunk and Disorderly:" The Origins and Consequences of Alcoholism at Old Fort Hays
Katherine Cobo 2012 "From Fields of Golden Grain to Black Liquid Gold: The Economic Contribution of the Oil Industry to Ellis County, Kansas"
Carol Dawn Jean Davis 2014 "Lessons in Montanism: Charismatics, Feminists, and the Twentieth Century Roman Catholic Church"
Monti Adams 2014 "Wash Your Cows to REmove Radioactive Fallout: Government Efforts to Prepare the Rural Population of the United States for a Nuclear Attack"
Timothy Northrup 2014 "The Southern Flank: Successes and Failures of Eisenhower Administration Anti-Communist Policy in Iraq and Iran"
Samantha Rae Dean 2016 "As Long As GRass Grows and Water Flows": Lyda Conley and The Huron Indian Cemetery
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