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Master of Arts in History without Thesis

(available On Campus or Online)

  1. Total of 30-33 credit hours in History at the 600 level or higher.
  2. Advanced Historical Methods for students who have not taken Historical Methods as an undergraduate.
  3. Historiography (Hist 879) - 3 credit hours
  4. Two seminars - 6 credit hours - in which the student will write major research papers. The student must pass with a grade of A or B.
  5. Electives in History - 21 credit hours
  6. Satisfactory performance on the Written Comprehensive Exam as outlined in 5-1 of the Thesis option, except that exam length shall be 8 hours.
  7. Submission of one approved copy of the best graduate paper to the Graduate Advisor demonstrating the student's ability to conduct research.
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