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Master of Arts in History with Thesis

  1. Total of 30-33 hours of course work at the 600 level or above
  2. Advance Historical Methods for students who have not taken Historical Methods as an undergraduate.
  3. One (1) seminar (Hist. 675), approved by the Graduate Advisor, in which the student will write a major research paper.
    • To remain in this program the student must pass the seminar with a grade of A or B. Any changes to this requirement must be approved by the Graduate Advisor and the Graduate Committee.
  4. Historiography (Hist 879) - 3 credit hours
  5. Electives in history: 18 credit hours
    • No more than 6 hours of Readings, Independent Study or Workshop courses.
    1. Readings and Independent Study may only be taken in areas in where the student has had adequate prior preparation such as a lecture course in the area.
    2. All courses of this nature require approval of the Graduate Advisor.
  6. Satisfactory performance on the Comprehensive Examination
    • The Comprehensive Examination shall be a four-hour written exam taken when the student has finished required coursework. The Graduate Advisor will determine the date.
    • A committee chosen from those faculty members from whom the student has taken graduate courses will determine the nature of the questions. The Graduate Advisor will serve as chair of the committee.
    • The examination will be written.
    • If a student receives passing marks on a majority of the examination questions, the Graduate Advisor will notify the Graduate School of successful completion.
  7. Thesis (Hist.899)-6 credit hours
    • Identify a thesis advisor in consultation with the Graduate Advisor.
    • Prepare a prospectus and schedule a meeting of the thesis committee. The prospectus MUST consist of:
    1. A description of the thesis containing the purpose, hypothesis, and discussion of methodology
    2. A tentative bibliography
    3. A tentative outline
      • Submit the approved title to the Graduate School prior to the deadline for the semester in which the student expects to graduate.
      • Submit copies to the Thesis Committee at least two weeks prior to the date of oral defense.
      • Oral Defense. The date for the defense will be determined by the Thesis Committee in consultations with the Graduate Advisor. At the time of the defense, the committee may recommend changes and/or alterations to the thesis. For the thesis to be approved, it must be accepted by a majority of the Thesis Committee members.
      • After completion of the oral defense, submit five copies of the completed thesis to the Graduate Advisor and the Thesis Advisor for signatures. Upon approval of both advisers, submit these copies to the Graduate School prior to the announced deadline for thesis submission.
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