Future Honors College Students


As a FHSU Honors College student you will be required to fulfill the following curricular responsibilities. The breadth and depth of these curricular experiences will provide you with a rich and diverse college career, full of stimulating and challenging activities.

  1. Complete a number of Honors Experiences equal to the number of semesters they are in the program. At least 50% of these experiences must be credit generating experiences. An Honors experience may include (but will not be limited to) the following:
    • Any Honors course (Honors College Approved Courses, 2018-19)
    • The freshman Honors UNIV101 class section
    • The Honors College Capstone Course
    • Any International or National Student Exchange program experience or experiential learning project, as approved by FHSU staff
    • Any course/experience successfully taken by Honors contract
    • Applying for a Nationally Competitive Scholarship, in consultation with Dr. Lexey Bartlett
    • Executive board membership at the national level with any professional or academic organization
    • Major community service project, as approved by Honors College staff
    • Participation in FHSU's Undergraduate Research Experience grant program
    • Acceptance into a competitive academic program (excluding major programs), such as the Noyce Scholars Program, VALUE, and the Institute of New Media Studies. 
  2. Participate in the Honors College Personal Development Institute (PDI). PDI sessions will focus on the following areas of the Honors College mission statement: leadership, professional growth, academic preeminence and civic engagement. The PDI will equip Honors College students with the tools and skill set needed to be effective leaders in a variety of capacities. PDI sessions will be multifaceted, focused at times on guest presenters, student discussion facilitation, and experiential learning activities.These courses and what semester they are offered in are listed below. :
    • Continuous Growth-Fall Semester
    • Academic Preeminence-Fall Semester
    • Leadership-Spring Semester
      • Students have the option to instead take LDRS 306 Leadership and Team Dynamics or complete a Leadership Studies or Global Leadership Certificate to fulfill this requirement
    • Engagement- Spring Semester

All PDI courses will be held on Sundays from 7:00-8:30 on an every other week basis. Those admitted as freshmen will be required to take all four courses, sophomores will be required to take three, and juniors two prior to completing their time in the Honors College.

  1. Participate in one cultural/civic engagement event, one co/extra-curricular activity, and on CCL/Leadership Studies sponsored event. A sample listing of cultural and civic engagement events is listed below on this page.
  2. Academic Service/Program Development: Serve other students or the Honors College for a minimum of 90 minutes a semester.
  3. All Honors College students must also turn in an end of semester checklist by the end of finals week each semester.

The below lists are not exhaustive and should serve only as a point of departure when considering possibilities for the cultural/civic engagement requirements

Co/Extra-Curricular Activites

  • Verified membership in a student organization
  • Executive/Leadership role in a student organization
  • Verified participation as a student athlete on an FHSU Athletics Team
  • Attendance at any UAB sponsored event
  • Academic/Professional Enrichment: Scholarly and Creative Activities Day
  • College or Department related research events
  • Undergraduate research experience events
  • Research conferences (e.g. NCUR)
  • Career Services events
  • Career or Graduate Student development workshops
  • Office of Undergraduate Research Workshops
  • FHSU Guest Speakers

Cultural Events

  • Department of Music and Theatre Events
  • Community Art shows
  • Encore Series
  • Any International Cultural event (e.g Cinco de Mayo, International Education Week)
  • Diversity Office events
  • Any live theatre event in the community
  • International Film Series film
  • Other approved cultural events (suggest an event to the Honors community!)

Civic Engagement

  • Group Service Projects (can be Honors sponsored)
  • Individual Service Projects (minimum of 10 hours)
  • Political events
  • Virtual College outreach events
  • Election volunteer
  • Organizing an event or program

Center for Civic Learning/Leadership Studies

  • American Democracy Project Events
  • Women's Leadership Project Events
  • Global Leaderhship Project Events
  • Tigers in Service Project Events
  • Leadership Studies Events

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