Future Honors College Students


All first-time, newly admitted freshman Honors College students coming from outside the Ellis county service area are required to live on the Honors Floor their freshman year, which is in McMindes Hall. Housing choices after the freshman year are at the discretion of the student/availability. High school applicants should make sure to check the honors floor option when they apply to FHSU regardless of their current Honors College admission status at the time of application, in order to hold a space on the floor. Living on the Honors Floor is required, regardless of year in school, in order for the room and board portion of the Honors College Tier 1 and Tier 2 scholarships to be released. After the freshman year, Regents Scholarship winners may live anywhere on campus and continue to receive their full scholarship.

Current FHSU students and transfer students are not required, but are highly encouraged, to live on the honors floor if they do not receive a dedicated Honors College scholarship.

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