Honors College Student Testimonials

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Megan Rust

My name is Megan Rust; I'm a sophomore majoring in Organizational Leadership with a minor in English. I am part of the inaugural class of the Honors College, and I firmly believe that joining the Honors College is the best choice I've made in my life thus far. The Honors College has provided an environment where I'm constantly challenged academically and supported emotionally. The students here are all so different and we're all constantly challenging each other to be better students and better people in general. The Honors College has provided me a place to grow into the person I'm meant to be while surrounded by the information, resources, and encouragement to get there.

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Micah Pobanz

I have been part of the Fort Hays Honors College for one semester now. It has been great being a part of this high-achieving group of students who have similar interests to me. Initially, I chose Fort Hays because it had the major I was interested in-which is General Agriculture-and the scholarships. But now that I've been here a while, Fort Hays and the Honors College has become more to me than just a school. The Honors College is a tightly knit group of people; it seems that I cannot go anywhere without seeing somebody I know. There are many benefits of being part of this group, but for me, the people are what gives the Honors College its value.

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Kaytee Wisley

I was initially attracted to the Honors College program because of the scholarships available but fully committed to the school once I saw the wonderful community in the university and especially within the program.


Reinette Strydom

I chose Fort Hays State University over other colleges because I heard that the Radiology Program here is excellent and that is what I want to go into. It was a major downside for me that there was not an Honors College here, however, because I was looking for an environment to interact with over high-achieving students and having interesting classes to challenge me. Luckily, I came across the Distinguished Scholars Program which I applied for and got in. This program focused mainly on leadership and I'm glad I joined because we have grown so close. It's a second family to me. The Distinguished Scholars Program is now turning out to be the backbone to the new formation of the Honors College, and I'm so thankful that I get to be a part of this wonderful program and university. I knew that I made the right choice when I stepped onto campus the first time; everything just felt right. I couldn't imagine how much it would grow in just my two years being here, but I'm excited to see where it will take us all.

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Justin Montney

The Honors College has given me the opportunity to pursue projects related to my field of study. I have been fortunate to host a disability awareness week through honors and also acquire a summer internship at a camp for people with special needs and disabilities called Camp Paha in Lakewood, CO.

Katie Showalter

Katie Showalter

I joined DSP because I was looking for a group of people whom I knew would become highly successful and well-rounded individuals. In addition to that, the scholarship, parking passes, and Encore tickets were a huge plus.

The scholarship benefits of the honors college is super important to me. I have yet to borrow money for my college education/housing because of a combination of the existing scholarships for high achieving students and my part time job. I would love to graduate from college not only with no debt, but with an amount of funds saved as well. I know this would not be possible at any university except Fort Hays.

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Faith Edwards

For me one of the biggest draws of FHSU was the Distinguished Scholars Program. I was excited to have a chance to be in a group of people with similar academic standards. I am very excited about the honors college. It gives me a chance to be around like minded people and it provides very appealing scholarships to help me graduate college with as little debt as possible


Kaylan Lagerman

I chose FHSU because it just felt right when I visited. Everyone seemed so friendly and I knew that I would receive more personal treatment (especially being in the Honors College) than I would at a bigger university. The cost of FHSU is another great thing. I am paying next to nothing to attend and will be getting a great education at an amazing cost.


Samantha Rohleder

I had a unique experience with DSP, I had knowledge about the program prior to applying for it, as my brother had been a member for 2 years. To watch him grow and change as a person and to see how greatly this opportunity benefited him inspired me to apply. What I didn't expect was the immediate acceptance and care for each other the group exhibits. This truly is a family, and a home away from home.

Fort Hays has always been my destination of choice. The support of other students and professors pushing you to do your best is an experience I believe I could not have at any of the university. I will never regret my decision to attend FHSU, and DSP has made that happiness with my choice even greater.

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Ainsley Smith

I came to Fort Hays because when I toured, the school had a familial atmosphere. There are so many opportunities for college involvement outside of class here, as well as teachers who care about my achievements. I applied for Distinguished Scholar's Program because I knew it would provide me with the connections necessary for future scholarship and career services. I didn't realize at the time that it would also provide me with so many great friends! I am looking forward to the installment of an Honor's College, not only for the academic challenge, but because the financial help will allow me to spend less time stressing about saving for Graduate School.

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Nicole Feyerherm

I joined DSP because it was the closest thing FHSU had to an honors college at the time. I was very excited to be accepted because I had been turned down for the honors program at another, larger university, but still wanted to be around people who cared about their education.

The honors college scholarships are also a huge draw for me. I had the goal of graduating debt free, and through this program I will most likely do so. Only at FHSU would this be possible.

Also, while I feared I would be bored at FHSU, the opposite has been the case. I have been challenged without being overwhelmed; I have had opportunities as a freshman I most likely would not have had at the other colleges I considered. Overall, I am incredibly glad I came to FHSU as a high-achieving student. It has been said that Fort Hays is what you make it, and I absolutely believe that to be true in every way.

Finally, I'm glad I came to a smaller college. While FHSU may be looked down on as a smaller school, I believe the smaller environment gives people the chance to truly get to know others instead of being one of many faces in a crowd.

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