Construction Management

This specialization provides management, marketing, and business skills, while incorporating the latest in computers, software, and hands-on construction experience. A bachelor's degree in this area allows a graduate to have the experience needed to thrive in the field of construction management.

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 PDF Version of Construction Management Curriculum

General Education Program

Total Hours
Core Requirements
Course # Course Title Credit Hours
TECS 110 Communication Systems 3
TECS 120 Power, Energy, and Transportation 3
TECS 130 Production System 3
TECS 200 Engineering Graphics 3
TECS 318 Introduction to CAD 3
TECS 480 Industrial Management 3
TECS 490 Occupational Safety, Health, & Liability 2
TECS 495 Training & Instructional Systems 3
TECS 499 Industrial Internship 12
  Total Hours 35
Construction Management 
Course # Course Title Credit Hours
TECS 380 Building Materials and Testing 3
TECS 385 Construction Planning and Design 3
TECS 406 Prob. in Tech: 10hr. OSHA Certificate 1
TECS 406 Prob. in Tech: Const. Estimating & Scheduling  3
TECS 415 Construction Graphics 3
TECS 475 Mechanical and Electrical Systems 3
TECS 485 Building Construction  3
GBUS 204 Business Law 3
MKT 301 Marketing Principles 3
MGT 604 Management of Small Business 3
Approved Electives (By Advisement) 6
  Total Hours 34
Bachelor of Science in Technology Studies
  Total Hours 124 

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