Production Systems

This concentration is a broad-based area that explores subjects related to the production of consumer goods.  Candidates are prepared to teach courses in subjects such as woodworking, wood technology, metals, welding, plastics, and construction technology, at the public school level.  Courses in wood, metal, and plastic processes are required to gain the basic skills in this area.  The program includes courses in furniture and cabinet construction, computer-aided manufacturing, and light construction. 

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PDF Version of Production Systems curriculum requirements

General Education Program

Total Hours
Core Requirements
Course # Course Title Credit Hours
TECS 110 Communication Systems 3
TECS 120 Power, Energy, and Transportation 3
TECS 130 Production System 3
TECS 200 Engineering Graphics 3
TECS 318 Introduction to CAD 3
TECS 460 Teaching Technology Education
TECS 490 Occupational Safety, Health, & Liability 2
TECS 463 Technology Systems
TECS 277
Early Field Experience
TECS 496 Directed Teaching
  Total Hours 35
Production Systems
Course # Course Title Credit Hours
TECS 119 Introduction to Welding 3
TECS 240 Plastic Processes 3
TECS 260 Metal Processes 3
TECS 280 Wood Processes 3
TECS 314 Furniture and Cabinet Construction 3
TECS 331 Machine Tool Operations 3
TECS 380 Materials Finishing and Testing 3
TECS 415 Construction Graphics 3
TECS 483 TECS 485 Manufacturing Design and Production OR Building Construction 3
  Total Hours 30
Education Courses
Course # Course Title Credit Hours
TEEL 202 Foundations of Education 3
TEEL 231 Human Growth and Development 3
TECS 290 Introduction to Instructional Technology 3
TESP 302 Educating Exceptional Students 3
TEEL 431 Educational Psychology 3
TESS 494 The Secondary School Experience 4
  Total Hours
Bachelor of Science in Technology Studies
  Total Hours 139

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