Koch Industries Interview Opportunities

Koch Industries will be on campus Thursday, September 26th to hold interviews for:

  • Accounting Interns
  • Analyst Interns
  • Information Technology Interns
  • Accountants
  • Information Technology New College Graduates
  • Information Technology Co-op

The following majors are encouraged to apply: Accounting, Finance, Computer Science, Informatics, Mathematics, Agriculture, Agribusiness, Economics, MBA, Marketing, Management, and Technology Studies.

Application Deadline: Tuesday, September 17th

To sign up for on-campus interview, please do so through your Careers for Tigers account at www.fhsu.edu/career/cft.  Contact Career Services at 785-628-4260 or stop by Sheridan Hall, Room 214 with any questions.  Unofficial Transcript required PRIOR to interview. 

*In addition to signing up through Career for Tigers there are additional application instructions, so be sure to read all application instructions when signing up for the interview.