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<span>MIS 101 Students Give (11/30/2012)</span>

Gladys Swindler, Department of Informatics faculty member, and her MIS 101 students were recognized for making an amazing contribution to the Tiger Food Exchange during this Thanksgiving season. They donated 2,032 food items to the pantry, which according to Brendon McCampbell, Student Coordinator for Food and Hunger Initiatives, has more than tripled the pantry's stock! This food pantry is a great asset to students and it has greatly benefitted from this amazing donation.

The Tiger Food Exchange is located in the north corner of Forsyth Library, to the immediate right upon entering the main area of the first floor. The Tiger Food Exchange is not only just a food pantry but is also a place to promote food culture, knowledge, sharing, and awareness. The pantry is currently stocked with over 2,600 food items available to those in need.

A great many thanks to Gladys Swindler and her students!

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