Sullivan Higdon & Sink (SHS) - Internship Opportunity

It's January, which means the agency that hates sheep (Sullivan Higdon & Sink, is starting their search for highly talented individuals for their summer internship program.

At SHS, interns aren't solely responsible for answering phones and making copies. They are assigned to a team and tasked with real, everyday client work. They're not asked to sit and listen. They're taught to engage and contribute. It's a fast-paced, collaborative environment, and it's one that students can benefit from.

Their internship requirements are pretty simple. Students must have achieved junior status with a minimum of 90 hours, and they need to have at least one final semester remaining at school. The pay is $8.00 per hour, the parking is free, the dress is casual, and interns are allowed to play on the SHS sports teams. Students are responsible for their own housing, but we'd be glad to assist in finding accommodations where we can.

Like last year, instead of asking students to email their materials, SHS is asking that all applicants apply on our new internship site:

There, students can fill out the application and upload PDFs of the other required materials - resume, cover letter, transcript and samples of their work.

Additionally, they've removed some of the more generic questions on their application and have replaced them with the SHS 8.5" x 11" Internship Challenge. The idea is simple - applicants have one blank sheet of paper (front and back) to tell, or show, us why they should be considered for the position. We hope it's a fun exercise, and one that will allow for creativity to speak for the applicant.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the internship process, you may contact:

Kristen Piontek - Assistant Brand Manager
Sullivan Higdon & Sink, 2000 Central, Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone: 816.283.4725