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Information for a Visa Denial

The most frequent reason for a visa denial is that the consular officer thinks you will not return to your home country. It is not possible to say exactly what evidence you should take to convince the official that you will go home because each applicant's circumstances vary greatly.

Think again about your ties to your home country: family relationships, job, home, land or property ownership, and other commitments. Is there any additional evidence that you could present? Did you explain your situation clearly? Did you answer all the questions?

Consular officers have the responsibility for issuance or denial of visas. If your visa is denied, you can re-apply. If you decide to re-apply, you should be prepared to show additional evidence or explain in a different way how your situation has changed since the first application.

You should try to apply at least twice. If you are refused a second time, the probability that a third try will work is not very high.

If you are denied a visa, you should ask the official for a written reason for the refusal. This may help you understand why they denied your visa application. This may also help us know how we can help you be prepared for your next interview.


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