These Are Our Colors

BLACK Our Colors - black circle


PMS 130 Our Colors - gold circle


Most people recognize that our colors are an important component of the university’s brand; consequently, people are frequently concerned about using the “right” university colors. You should use color carefully to maintain consistency and stature in all FHSU communications because it is critical to building brand consistency and strengthening brand awareness in the marketplace. Use these colors as much as possible in outreach materials.

The FHSU color system is comprised of two palettes: Primary and secondary.

Black and Gold
The core identifier colors for FHSU are black and gold. All FHSU electronic and print communications must feature a significant presence of black and gold.

The following color guidelines allow creative freedom while maintaining the integrity of the identity system.

FHSU uses certain Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors. The official PMS colors for FHSU are black and PMS 130. These colors are required for the university stationery system. You are encouraged to match these colors as closely as possible. Tints of black or gold are acceptable.

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