Our Paper

Paper is also an important component of a consistent identity. All official university stationery is to be printed on specific papers provided through FHSU Printing Services. There is a preferred, better quality paper stock for you to use. If quality must be sacrificed because of cost considerations, there is an economy paper available as a second choice. Paper has also been selected to work with the broadest variety of office laser printers.

All official university stationery is to be printed by Printing Services.

FHSU uses white paper for its stationery system. This was selected so official communications whether in print, FAX or via electronic distribution provide the cleanest reproduction possible.

For your own publications, however, you may select whatever paper you prefer. Certain colors may be associated with other schools, so keep our brand in mind when you make your selection.

The state of Kansas provides a selection of papers on state contract. A variety of coated, uncoated, textured and recycled papers are available in varying weights. Because they tend to be less expensive and more easily available, you are encouraged to request contract papers. For more information regarding paper, contact Printing Services at 785-628-5310.

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