Seizing Opportunities for Promotion

Brochures, Printed Publications and Other Communications

The quality of any organization is reflected by the quality of its publications. Each year, the university produces thousands of brochures, manuals, guides, graphics and other printed materials. In addition, departments and organizations develop unique event and program graphics. Each is an ambassador of the university, so it is important that every one of them appears to be a part of the same family by sharing the brand elements. The branding program works toward that goal while striving to give creative freedom within the general brand framework.

All university publications and communications must include:

  • The words “Fort Hays State University” and/or the university logo conspicuously placed on the front cover;
  • The university or department Web address;
  • The university 800 or department telephone number and
  • Proof points based on the 5 brand drivers.

All university publications and communications should:

  • Use black and gold inks or gold paper and
  • Use branded photos and images that capture the essence of the five brand drivers.



Your departmental or organizational newsletter is your own and no one is going to tell you how to design it, but it still represents FHSU. You are highly encouraged to include proof points based on the five brand drivers within your content and use the tools provided to connect your newsletter to the university brand platform. If your newsletter is about your department or about sanctioned university activities, please include the full name of the university in your banner nameplate and a return address using the specified university return address format.


Template Brochures

The university has developed full-color template brochures to help you inexpensively promote your department or special program. The template brochures are pre-printed in full color and leave room for you to build a publication using your own black and white photos and text. A portion of the printing cost has been subsidized by the Office of the Provost, allowing you to have a 4-color brochure for about the same cost to your department as for a 2-color brochure. To use the pre-printed FHSU brochure blanks, you will need to provide a limited number of branded photographs, quotes and copy which will then be assembled for you in University Relations or Academic Marketing. Because the production of these brochures must stay streamlined and consistent, and there are technical printing requirements that must be maintained, you may not do it yourself. The guidelines for preparing materials for the brochure blanks are available through the academic marketing specialist by calling ext. 4090.



Advertising comes in a multitude of formats and is a highly visible communication device. It makes an important impression and therefore should have a stature and quality that bespeak the university’s achievements and excellence. The goal is to make FHSU ads instantly identifiable as FHSU ads and thereby strengthen the university’s public image. All advertising must include the full name of the university and/or the university logo and, if possible, should include use of:

  • The university or department Web site address and 800 or department telephone number;
  • The “Forward thinking. World ready.” tagline;.
  • Black and gold ink or gold paper;
  • Branded images that reinforce the five brand drivers and
  • The Victor E. Tiger mascot.

One of the key functions of the Brand Implementation Team is to integrate advertising. While the team does not attempt to control advertising by individual departments, programs and offices, it is extremely important to notify the team about all advertising to avoid conflict and duplication. Proper notification can also facilitate coordination of efforts that can save money and promote the university more effectively.


Media Coverage

Representatives from television, radio and newspapers are often invited to campus for news opportunities. You can get more public recognition for your department, program or office and for FHSU by wearing an FHSU lapel pin or collegiate sportswear, using black and gold in your backdrop, by frequently using the words “Fort Hays State University” in your verbal address, and by using podiums that have the FHSU seal on them.

Be aware that displaying memorabilia and wearing sportswear from other universities while being interviewed by the media will undermine your efforts to promote your FHSU department or program.

Advice on how to deal effectively with the media is available at


Presentation Materials

We all want FHSU to be recognized as a quality academic institution. Your activity in your area of expertise brings honor and recognition to this institution. Doing little things has a cumulative effect and your help is needed. With little effort, you can help distinguish FHSU from other academic institutions and make the university more recognizable! Whenever you make a public presentation, you have a unique opportunity to connect with the public and create awareness about the university. Again, consider wearing an FHSU lapel pin or collegiate sportswear. Generously use black and gold or the words “Fort Hays State University” in your handouts and other visual materials. The FHSU logo and mascot make attractive signatures on digital presentations.

Through extensive research that included interviews with faculty, staff and students across the campus, we identified five brand drivers that capture Fort Hays State University’s defining characteristics. They are:

  • Learning opportunities with exceptional depth, inside and outside the classroom, from the beginning of the college experience;
  • Outstanding faculty and staff who deliver exceptional attention and support;
  • An expectation of social, civic and professional engagement;
  • Partnerships and learning experiences that bring together cultures, perspectives and thinking from around the world; and
  • Innovation that drives solutions.

When making a public presentation, you should first consider the brand drivers and then tell your own story, in your own words, as “proof points” to help people understand who we are.

Use the logo and branding elements in your PowerPoint presentations for lectures or research presentations. Branded PowerPoint formats and wall paper for computers are available by contacting the Office of University Relations.


Virtual Media and Computer Applications

As FHSU’s faculty develop unique interactive video, television, other virtual media and computer applications that will go out into academia and the marketplace, it is important that the university be identifiable for its unique talent and creations. Clearly identify within the medium and on its outer label that it comes from Fort Hays State University. Conspicuously display the FHSU logo, Tiger and other brand elements.


Motor Vehicles

Both on and off campus, motor vehicles are visible ambassadors that represent the business of FHSU. All highly visible official university vehicles, including motor pool, grounds and other university maintenance vehicles, are to have permanent FHSU decals on the left and right door panels.

Please promote FHSU on non-university vehicles by using magnetic signs, front license tags, FHSU state-issued license tags, FHSU bumper stickers, static-cling window decals or antenna flags or markers.

Contact the FHSU Alumni Association, (785) 628-4430, for information on how to get an FHSU state license tag that bears the Victor E. Tiger image.

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