Secondary Logos and Taglines

It is in the best interest of everyone affiliated with the university to take advantage of the power of a consistent brand. When everyone uses the same university logo and brand elements, we strengthen the reputation of FHSU as a whole. Because a secondary logo lacks the repeated viewings necessary to become recognizable as a stand-alone brand, the use of secondary logos and taglines is discouraged.

However, there are circumstances where it is necessary to have a secondary logo. In order to qualify for a secondary logo and/or tagline under the university branding system, you must either be

  • a recognized quasi-independent organization, or
  • apply for special permission.

All logos must be approved. The brand platform is retroactive to all existing logos which must be resubmitted for approval for continued use. Offices, organizations and departments that desire a secondary logo or tagline, should contact the Brand Implementation Team (chair, Kent Steward, ext. 4208) for information about the approval process and what the Brand Implementation Team expects when you make your case.

Secondary logos for student organizations have greater latitude and are to be approved by the Brand Implementation Team and the Office of Student Affairs prior to use. Existing student organization logos are to be resubmitted by Dec. 1, 2009, for re-approval.

“Quasi-independent entities” are defined as, but not limited to:

  • Organizations that operate as stand-alone entities, having a board of directors and budget funding separate from the university proper (e.g., FHSU Alumni Association, FHSU Foundation);
  • Organizations that are contractually bound in partnership with outside independent agencies (e.g., KYLA/McDonalds);
  • Organizations that provide a specific service mission to the community outside the university (e.g., Sternberg of Natural History, KSBDC, Foster Grandparents, Herndon Clinic); and
  • Student organizations.

The secondary logos and taglines of quasi-independent entities must complement and advance the university brand.

Parameters to qualify for a secondary logo/tagline:

  • Logos should use the university’s primary colors (black and gold);
  • Secondary taglines must bear a direct relationship to the university tagline, “Forward thinking. World ready.” and/or the five brand drivers;
  • Use of a secondary logo must be necessary to conduct the business of the organization above and beyond the university brand;
  • A secondary logo must advance/benefit the university and enhance the brand platform;
  • The secondary logo must have potential to produce meaningful brand recognition with its target audience.

In hearing appeals, the Brand Implementation Team will give consideration to other reasons that are presented by the applicant.


Identity Marks on the FHSU Web Site

The need for Fort Hays State University to be clearly identifiable extends all over the world via the Internet. This means that the need for quality and consistency on our Web site is as great as for the printed material disseminated from all university entities. For guidelines and policies covering the Web site, see Working with the World Wide Web.

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