University Stationery System

All FHSU communications are important to the image and stature of the university. It is important that each department is on an equal footing with every other department and that each department enforces the graphic standards set forth in this manual. Letterheads, business cards, memos and other stationery items are major communication devices. The university sends out hundreds of thousands of these items every year. All stationery items carry the university logo. The university stationery system as shown in the following pages is the standard for all departments, programs and offices. University stationery is the most frequently used means of external communication that shows a consistent image of the university beyond campus. The following graphic standards must be used so we can present a consistent image of the university.

FHSU’s Printing Services is the only authorized manufacturer of university stationery.

The ™ or ® are not necessary on letterhead and other official university stationery.


Printing Services will prepare either letterhead, which is 81/2 by 11-inch paper, or a half-sheet, which is 51/2 by 81/2-inch sheets used for short notes and enclosures. These formats are the only acceptable formats for letterhead to represent FHSU. No other logo may be substituted on university stationery.

Only entities with approved secondary logos may include it on their stationery and only in the prescribed format.

The university logo mark, black and gold rules, and department names are the only elements that appear at the top of a letter page. All other information, including approved secondary logos, appears at the bottom.

Digital Letterhead

For purposes of e-mailing official letters, digital letterhead can be provided to you. The digital letterhead is set up as a Microsoft Word template. You can type in your letter, export it as a PDF and attach the PDF to an e-mail message. This protocol provides you with a degree of security so that no one but you can use your template.

Please contact Printing Services to set up your personal template. There is a nominal fee for this service.

university letterhead

Margin Settings on Letterhead

Use the above settings for margins on university letterhead.

University letterhead with secondary logo

Secondary Logos on Letterhead

An approved secondary logo may appear on university stationery at a maximum of one inch square, or smaller than the Tiger head of the logo, and only at the bottom right corner. No other configurations are acceptable. The example represents the proportional size and position that a logo is to appear on stationery.


Return Addresses/Envelopes

Printing Service will prepare business envelopes and return addresses. You are highly encouraged to use white envelops to present the university in a consistent manner.

In cases where you need to set up your own return addresses, follow the format. No other logos are to be used on return addresses for university business unless they have been approved by the Brand Implementation Team. Approved Secondary logos cannot appear on envelopes because they university's mail equipment prints more than halfway across the top of the envelope and U.S. Postal Service automated equipment requires a clear space at the bottom two-thirds of the envelope.

Because your mailing rate will be affected, the set-up for a return address on an envelop or brochure must be strictly followed. Adding extra lines of text to your address, or other graphics that do not comply with federal postal regulations, may nullify any mailing discount to which you would otherwise be entitled.

Return Addresses

Business Cards

These are the only acceptable formats for FHSU business cards. Secondary logos are to appear in the position and proportional size indicated in this sample.

The Tiger on the University logo on business cards is 27/32"tall. Approved secondary logos should fit in a half-inch-square box or smaller than the Tiger logo and always be positioned in the lower right corner of the card.

Business cards are to be printed only by Printing Services.

Be sure to include the FHSU Web site address on your business cards.

Name Tags

University Relations has pre-printed, self-adhesive FHSU name tags and will provide them for your function for free. Please contact the office of University Relations to request name tags.


Whenever possible, put the university logo at the top left of the page, one inch tall, and extend the lower back and gold rules across the page. If your form is in one color, use two black rules. The name of the your form looks best if you flush it right and position it just above or below the rule(see format of business cards or message pad).

Business card, Secondary logo and Name tag standard format


Message pads/Routing Slips

Message pads and routing slips are internal communication tools, so identity guidelines are encouraged but nor required. The sample is provided should you desire a consistent university stationery package for your department.

Message Pad


Postcards come in many sizes. To qualify for first-class postcard mailing rates, postcards are defined and required by the U.S. Postal Service to be no less than 3½ inches by 5 inches and no larger than 4¼ inches by 6 inches. Because Federal Post Office mailing guidelines are very specific about what you can and can not include on the mailing side of an envelope or postcard, FHSU Printing Services will set up the university return address format for you. In addition, you should always include FHSU's Web site address, but not on the return address side.

Mailing Labels

When you do not have a preprinted envelope available, please use printed mailing labels whenever possible. Printing Services can provide generic labels for you, or can customize the address lines for your department.

Mailing Label

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