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Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science (KAMS)
Fort Hays State University
600 Park Street
Custer Hall 241
Phone: 785-628-4690

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Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science

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Every student in KAMS is required to present research during their two years at KAMS. The Problems in Geosciences: Earth, Space, Science, Resource & Writing class they are required to take their junior year assists with this. While conducting their research, the students will work with Ph.D. faculty that will mentor and foster a positive environment. Students have presented their research at the Regional, State, and Intel International Science and Engineering Fairs as well as at the capitol in Topeka. Some topics that students have presented research on include the following:

  • Energy From Residual Yard Wastes Including Methods of Producing Methane
  • Laser Biophysics
  • Cosmic Rays of High Altitude Using Weather Balloons
  • Ferromagnetic Fluid
  • Correlation Between Spacial Visualization and Interest in Mathematics and Science
  • Grain Research - - Studying the Drying Process of an Extruded Grain Analog Product Looking at Conventional Oven Drying, Infrared Drying, and Solar Drying
  • Climatic Factors in Relation to Malaria Rates in Ghana
  • Anaerobic and Aerobic Plant Decay with a GS Maspect
  • Basis-Spline Collocation Method
  • Underwater Plant Properties Exploration
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