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Project-Based Learning: What It Is and How to Develop
Workshop presented by: Lorie-Cook Benjamin with Maret and Clayton Schraber
Dec 29 and/or 30, 2014 - 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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  project-based learning

ESOL Certificate Program or Praxis Test Prep
Coming Spring 2015 Online
Presented by: Dr. Sherri Brantley
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Strategies and Techniques for English Language Arts Classrooms
Presenters: Dr. Lorie Cook-Benjamin with Ms. Andrea Schuette
Course #: TEEL 670 VA/AEP 870 VA
Date: 6/11/14
Course Descr.: This workshop will present strategies and techniques used in middle and high school ELA classrooms to help reach the high standards set by the KCCRS/CCSS

Approaches to Classroom Management: Find What Works for You
Presenters: Dr. Lorie Cook-Benjamin with Ms. Casey Piene
Course #: TEEL 670 VB/AEP 870 VB
Date: 6/23/14
Course Descr.: This workshop will share a variety of classroom management approaches from which participants may choose to utilize in their classrooms. Fred Jones, Kagan, and Wong are examples of the approaches that will be shared.

Problem-Based Learning and Technology: Connecting CCRS
Presenters: Dr. Kathy Dale with Maret and Clayton Schrader 
Date: 6/27/14
Course Descr.: The sky is the limit. Nothing connects College and Career Readiness Standards quite like using problem-based learning and technology to enhance learning in the classroom. The use of PBL and technology allows learners to go beyond surface level learning into higher order taxonomies. In this participant-driven workshop, we will look at the educational benefits of many technology platforms including software such as iMovie, Garage Band, Audacity, iPad apps such as Notability, Haiku Deck, Voicethread, learning, management systems such as Moodle and Schoology, and web-based tools such as Google drive, Prezi, and social media platforms. With our powers combined, we have tips and tricks to share about structures and activities including back channeling, media creation, and more that work at a variety of levels and subject areas. Bring your own device.

Google Drive in the Classroom
Presenters: Dr. Robert Moody
Course #: TEEL 670 VD/AEP 870 VD
Date: 7/07/14
Course Descr.: Google Drive allows for collaboration and provides “real time” interaction among participants. It can be shared with multiple individuals for anytime learning. Drive is a file storage and synchronization service provided by Google, which enables user cloud storage instead of requiring server space on a local computer. Drive provides an office suite of productivity applications (similar to MS Office), that offers collaborative “realtime” editing on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. Explanation and demonstration of the many uses for Google Drive will be shown during this workshop. Participants will have many opportunities for “hands on” learning with the Drive tool.

Google Chrome Apps: Benefits for Schools
Presenters: Dr. Robert Moody
Course #: TEEL 670 VE/AEP 870 VE
Date: 7/21/14
Course Descr.: Chrome Apps deliver an experience as capable as a native app (much like Apple’s apps for iPads and iPhones), but as safe as a web page. While Chrome Apps look and behave like native apps, they are, in fact, much more powerful. In addition to being available online, these apps can be accessed offline as well as on mobile devices. Several of the apps work well with Common Core standards and specific content areas such as math, reading, science, and social studies. Various free instructional apps will be introduced and demonstrated. Participants will have opportunities to ask or share how specific apps can meet their students’ needs. A Google+ community will be set up to provide on-going support well after the workshop has concluded.

The "What" and How" of ELL Strategies
Presenters: Ms. Sherri Brantley
Course #: TEEL 670 VF/AEP 870 VF
Date: 7/25/14
Course Descr.: When an English language learner (ELL) enters the classroom, participants in the "What" and "How" of ELL Strategies will be equipped to address their language needs. Strategies for "How" to distinguish between second language acquisition levels will be presented along with "What" instructional strategies are appropriate for each language level.

The Mystery of Risk: Drugs, Alcohol, Pregnancy and the Vulnerable Child - A Region 8 Workshop
Ira J. Chasnoff, M.D.
Course #: TEEL 670 VH Workshop in Education II
Date: 08/05/14
Course Descr.: Partnering with KCIE, the Region 8 Special Education Group presents "The Mystery of Risk: Drugs, Alcohol, Pregnancy and the Vulnerable Child". Speaker - Ira J. Chasnoff, MD, winning author and researcher. August 5, 2014 from 9 AM to 4 PM. This is a FREE event for Region 8 member district's special and general education staff and FHSU Teacher Education students. The non-member charge is $97.00 payable online by major credit card or cash at time of check-in. Register online at to receive an event ticket presented at time of check-in. There is also an option to earn one credit hour through FHSU's Teacher Education Department.

 Manufacturing: You're Talkin' Our Language Conference 
KCIE dazzled manufacturing professionals and educators at the “Manufacturing: You’re Talkin’ Our Language” conference with industry related content. Speakers discussed a variety of topics ranging from manufacturing skills—as well as teaching these skills—to entrepreneurship.
Gail Boller, keynote speaker, shared how his background and experiences guided his career as founder and president of the Natoma Corporation. While, Boller’s story made a personal connection with conference attendees, other speakers presented their subjects from the pragmatic stances of plant managers and educators.
Date, Time, and Location: March 28, 2013 from 9:00-3:00 PM (CST) FHSU Campus- Memorial Union
Presenter: Varied; Funding provided by a Rigorous Program of Study in Manufacturing Productive Pathway Grant 

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 "Very good . . . great presentations by FHSU faculty/staff, Thanks for a great day!"
" . . . it was nice having experts from the industry."
"Very good atmosphere. Thank you Mr. Stewart and staff." 


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Enhancing Academic Achievement Through Movement- This graduate level workshop will illustrate how physical movement facilitates cognitive functioning, increases motor abilities, promotes problem-solving skills, enhances self-esteem, thus improving reading skills
Date, Time, and Location: June 10, 2013 from 8:00-4:00 PM (CST) FHSU's Sternberg Museum, Hays, KS
Presenters: Drs. Beth Walizer and Joyce Ellis

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Intermediate Technology Components - This graduate level workshop will focus on implementing technology to successfully navigate websites, use search engines, and some tips to maneuver online courses. Complete all three workshops in the technology series to receive a Five-Pointer Certificate. 
Date, Time, and Location: June 18, 2013 from 8:00-4:00 PM (CST) FHSU's Sternberg Museum, Hays, KS
Presenter: Mr. Kevin Splichal 
Registration Cost: $90.00

"I appreciated the small group setting. Kevin's knowledge was evident and he was very helpful and patient."
"Thanks for making this available."
"Very very useful and informative workshop! Glad I came and will refer others to this workshop." 

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Text Meets Technology: The Integration of Technology in Reading - This graduate level workshop will focus on integration of reading (fiction and nonfiction literature) and Common Core using technology which will help save time and make information more enjoyable for students.
Date, Time, and Location: July 8, 2013 from 8:00-4:00 PM (CST) FHSU's Sternberg Museum, Hays, KS
Presenter: Dr. Beth Walizer
Registration Cost: $90.00

"Best workshop I have ever been to! Learned a lot!"
100% of participants would attend future KCIE-sponsored workshops and agreed that the content was valuable. 

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Advanced Technology Components - This graduate level workshop will target the best methods to maneuver online within Blackboard and Google. Complete all three workshops in the technology series to receive a Five-Pointer Certificate. 
Date, Time, and Location: July 9, 2013 from 8:00-4:00 PM (CST) FHSU's Sternberg Museum, Hays, KS
Presenter: Mr. Kevin Splichal
Registration Cost: $90.00

"Great information to use in the classroom."
"Everything was applicable to my teaching job. I am looking forward to using all of the google possibilities!"
"Great workshop."

The Power of Blended Learning in Delivering the Common Core Standards - Millennial students are as different and unique as any of the generations which have gone before them. Instructing these digital natives can be especially challenging for those who do not understand their characteristics and learning habits. This graduate level workshop introduces a series of Open Source (free) digital tools available for teachers to use in a blended learning process that will connect participants directly with the net generation.
Date, Time, and Location: July 29 , 2013 from 8:00-4:00 PM (CST) FHSU's Sternberg Museum, Hays, KS
Presenter: Dr. Adam Holden
Registration Cost: $90.00


"The speaker was easy to listen to and very knowledgeable. He gave valuable information."
"It is current and what is going on now. Very real topics/relevant to teaching!"
"It was very informative and it really opened my eyes to do more effective teaching."

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Fred Jones Positive Classroom Management and Discipline - This workshop will provide the fundamental tools and necessary skills to implement a positive classroom environment conducive to learning with a proactive rather than a reactive approach to management and discipline. 
Date, Time, and Location: August 5, 2013 from 8:00-4:00 PM (CST) FHSU's Sternberg Museum, Hays, KS
Presenter: Ms. Audrey Johnson
Registration Cost: $90.00
Course No.: TEEL 670VA: Workshop in Education II

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Title: Building Relationships with Families and Partnerships within Communities
Presenters: Mrs. Sara Stoup and Mrs. Natalie Unruh
Location: FHSU - Rarick Hall 236B
Course #: TEEL 670 Workshop in Education II
Date: 2/22/14
Time: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Course Descr.: The intended audience is Early Childhood and Youth Development Professionals. This workshop addresses Content Area IV: Families and Communities as stated in the Core Competencies for Early Childhood and Youth Development Professionals. Participants will develop an understanding of appropriate services, resources and technology through an interactive workshop approach that will assist participants to work collaboratively with families and agencies/organizations to meet the diverse needs of children, youth, and families.
Credit: 1

Title: *Getting to Know My Home from Foundation to Roof
Presenters: Mr. Kris Munsch
Location: FHSU - Davis Hall
Course #: TECS 606D: Tech Issues
Date: 3/8/14
Time: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
End Reg. Date: 3/1/14
Course Descr.: This workshop is for anyone thinking about, that owns, or is involved in some type of home renovation. Participants will be engaged from the foundation to roof, will examine HVAC systems, and will consider proper drainage.
Cost: $90.00 workshop fee plus cost for tuition, if applicable
Credit: 1

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