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Resources for Faculty and Staff

Counseling and Academic Support

Kelly Center personal counseling, alcohol and drug counseling and academic support and tutoring services are offered free of charge to faculty and staff. Contact our office to schedule an appointment.

Recognizing and Assisting Troubled Students

College students today often experience considerable personal and school-related stress. In addition to the pressure to achieve and work out a path to professional success, students must cope with a variety of personal stressors and pressures. Many of these personal stressors are age-related developmental factors, some are situational and some are psychological.

Students experiencing this level of distress may turn to you for help due to your position, status and visibility on campus. Consequently, you may find yourself confronted by a disturbed or disturbing student who needs assistance. Your response in these situations could significantly impact the student's ability to deal constructively with his/her problems.

Campus Crisis Support

It is often very challenging to deal with the emotions that arise from local and national tragedies. Our counselors are are available to help you as you manage your feelings and reactions to unexpected losses, challenges and tragedies. You are always welcome to schedule a confidential appointment to visit with one of our staff members. We can also come to your class, department or organization to provide group support when necessary.

Remember, there is no charge for counseling at the Kelly Center.

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