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Self-Help and Screenings


Information on common student concerns and mental health topics are provided below. While these self-help materials are not meant to be a substitute for therapy, they can provide insights and strategies for helping you or someone you care about overcome challenging issues.

Additional Resources Coming Soon!

Anger Management
Asserting Yourself
Domestic, Dating, and Sexual Violence
How to Take an Exam
Managing Alcohol Consumption
Preparing for Exams
Transition to College Life

Mental Health Screenings

Screenings can help you find out within a few minutes whether or not a professional consultation would be helpful for you.  Please keep in mind that the screenings are considered informational and NOT diagnostic in nature.

Take an Online Mental Health Screening

Drinking and Risk Factors Assessment

You can also complete a brief assessment for personalized information on your drinking and risk factors.

Take the Alcohol eCHECKUP TO GO Assessment

Important Notice

Screening results are only informational. If you think for any reason you need to get help, contact the Kelly Center.

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