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Drug and Alcohol Wellness Network
Information and Facts

FHSU Alcohol and Drug Policy - Student Handbook
Learn more about FHSU's commitment to the elimination of drug and alcohol abuse.

Alcohol Poisoning: Facts and Signs
Excessive drinking can be dangerous and even fatal. Protect yourself and a friend by learning more about the dangers and signs of alcohol poisoning (Source:

Drugs of Abuse: Acid/LSD, Alcohol, Club Drugs, Cocaine, Ecstasy/MDMA, Heroin, Inhalants, Marijuana, Methamphetamine, PCP/Phencyclidine, Prescription Medications, Steroids (Anabolic), Tobacco Addiction
Get accurate information on many drugs of abuse including "street names," descriptions and serious effects on health.

Blood Alcohol Level: Influences on Feelings and Behavior
See how your blood alcohol level directly corresponds to specific changes in feelings, behavior and physiological functions.

Misconceptions About Drinking
Don't believe everything your friends tell you! Here are some common misconceptions about alcohol and drinking.

Support Groups in Hays
Get the support you need to stay clean and lead a drug and alcohol-free life by connecting with others who are struggling with addiction challenges.

When and How to Refer Someone Who Needs Help
Are you worried about someone who seems to have problems with alcohol and/or other drug use? Learn more about how to help someone else get the help they need to overcome alcohol and drug issues.


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