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Drug and Alcohol Wellness Network
Tiger CLAWS Peer Education Group

You can help your peers make healthy decisions regarding alcohol and other drug use by getting involved with Tiger CLAWS (Campus Leaders Advocating Wellness for Students). Tiger CLAWS is a peer education group that actively promotes safe and healthy lifestyle decisions concerning high-risk behaviors within the Fort Hays State University student body.

By getting involved with Tiger CLAWS, you can become a Certified Peer Educator, promote wellness among your fellow students and attend regional and national conferences hosted by BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA. To join or learn more about Tiger CLAWS, send an email to Robert Duffy, Coordinator of the FHSU Drug and Alcohol Wellness Network, (

Don't forget that your healthy actions also serve as a model of behavior for others to follow. Each time you call Safe Ride instead of driving after you've been drinking, refuse to use tobacco products, take a friend's keys when they should not be driving, decide not to drink or use drugs or talk with a friend whose decisions are making you worry, you are being a positive role model.

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