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PC Parent BannerWe understand that sending a child to college brings a whole new set of challenges to a parent. Your role evolves as your child moves further into the adult world. This can often be difficult for both of you. Visit our Ten Tips for Parents Sending a Child to College for some general strategies to help you with this major transition.

Most importantly, as a parent you may become aware of changes in your son or daughter's behaviors from a distance. You may see your child struggling at college and want to find a way to help. The following information is designed to help you determine when and how to find help for your child.

Please remember, while we understand that you are very concerned about the welfare of your child, we do not provide information to anyone (including parents) regarding a client's visit to the Kelly Center, participation in services, scheduled appointments or contact with the Kelly Center without the client's written permission. See our information on Client Rights and Responsibilities for the few exceptions to confidentiality and privacy.


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