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Personal Counseling Services
Parent Information: How to Refer Your Child to the Kelly Center

You should consider referring your child to the Kelly Center for personal counseling services if you believe their difficulties have gone beyond their capacity to cope with the situation and beyond your own ability to be helpful.

You may find that your child will initially find some relief when provided with the opportunity to discuss their concerns with you. However, others may feel more comfortable talking with a third party. For non-emergency situations, it may be best to call the Kelly Center on behalf of your child. Our staff can then schedule an appointment for your child and provide further instructions. If you have more serious concerns about your child's willingness or ability to follow through with an appointment, it may be best to bring your child (if you live in Hays) or have a friend bring them to the Kelly Center. We also have a list of Local Mental Health Service Providers if you or your child prefer off-campus resources.

Please remember, while we understand that you are very concerned about the welfare of your child, we do not provide information to anyone (including parents) regarding a client's visit to the Kelly Center, participation in services, scheduled appointments or contact with the Kelly Center without the client's written permission. See our information on Client Rights and Responsibilitiesfor the few exceptions to confidentiality and privacy.

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