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Parent Information: Ten Tips for Parents Sending a Child to College

  1. Admire who they are, as they are. Their experience will be different than that of your other children or of anyone else. Don't get caught up in comparing them to others.
  2. Bravely let go. Trust them to take charge of their own life.
  3. Believe in them fully. Positive affirmations and loving support communicate to your student that they are a wonderful person who can succeed.
  4. Respect their choices. They may solve their problems in new and different ways. Their choices will be theirs to live with and learn from.
  5. Expect the unexpected. There will be challenges that you never anticipated. Flexibility and a positive attitude will help both of you navigate these situations.
  6. Be sensitive to their struggles. Ask about pressure or stress they may be feeling. Try to help them gain perspective while being supportive.
  7. Appreciate their independence. Listen and make suggestions rather than telling them what to do. This will help build their confidence in making adult decisions.
  8. Allow them their own privacy. Don't ask for every detail of their life. Let them choose what they want to share.
  9. Encourage them along the way. They will go through tough times. Your encouragement is far more important than your judgment or a quick fix.
  10. Normalize the idea of seeking help. Find resources available to your student on campus and in the community. Remind them that getting help is not a sign of weakness.
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