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Personal Counseling Services
Individual Personal Counseling

Life presents many challenges that can be difficult to deal with. If you need someone with a different perspective to really hear you, Personal Counseling can provide information and support. Through our free individual counseling services you can get help with a variety of concerns including stress, transition, relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, grief and eating disorders. Even if you just need someone to "vent to" for a while, we are here to help.

Are You Reluctant to Seek Counseling?

You may be reluctant to seek help because you are afraid the counselor will want you to come in once a week for the entire semester or even a year. While it is true that we do see some people on a regular basis, we also see many for only a few sessions. Everyone faces unique challenges, and each person handles these challenges differently. Through the counseling process, both you and your counselor can decide how much further assistance is needed.

Your Privacy Matters!

If privacy concerns make you reluctant to meet with a personal counselor, please know that the entire Kelly Center staff adheres to state and federal confidentiality laws. What you share with your counselor will not be discussed with anyone except other Kelly Center counselors. If you personally know a Kelly Center counselor or staff member and are concerned about confidentiality, you may call and ask to speak directly to a different counselor. Explain your situation, and the counselor will make sure that the individual you know will never have knowledge of your visit or concerns. Visit our Client Rights and Responsibilities page for additional information on our commitment to confidentiality.

Your decision to get counseling is a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness. People who know they need guidance and seek it out are strong and do what is needed to achieve personal well-being.

Additional Sources of Help

If you would prefer to receive counseling from an off-campus local provider, visit our Local Mental Health Service Providers page for contact information. Please remember that while counseling services offered through the Kelly Center are free, local providers may require payment for their services.

FAQs about Kelly Center Personal Counseling Services

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