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Wellness Groups

Is This for Me?

Life can be good, bad, and ugly. The pressure to succeed academically while trying to make great social connections may take its toll on your body and mind. Drop-in Wellness Groups will offer you support to deal with the stress of university life and teach you tools to cope with anxiety.

Wednesday Groups--Beginning Wednesday, September 13, 5-6 pm

Wednesday groups will offer round-table discussions on the common experiences of university life. The facilitator and fellow students will provide each other encouragement, comfort, and advice. Comfort food will be provided! Meet in McMindes Hall, Room 2R

Thursday Groups--Beginning Thursday, September 14, 3-4 pm

Thursday groups will incorporate therapeutic yoga, mindfulness techniques, art therapy, and other methods to help you hit the pause button on your busy life and restless mind. All-natural snacks will be provided! Meet in McMindes Hall, Room 2R.

If you have any questions, please contact the Kelly Center at 785-628-4401.







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