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"Confidence and courage come through preparation and practice."

Should you prepare for a test? Yes! Preparing for an examination will help you:

  • Gain insight into the knowledge and skills you will be tested on.
  • Relieve test anxiety through a better understanding of what to expect on test day.
  • Assess areas where you may need more practice before actually attempting the test.

Testing Company Resources

Most testing company Web sites provide information on the skills and knowledge measured on a specific test. Some sites also provide sample questions and tests. Visit the "Test Information" section of our site to link to the examination's official Web page.

Test Preparation Web sites

There are many test preparation sites on the internet that provide information on the skills measured on a test, sample questions, instructional information, etc. Be cautious when using these sites! Some sites provide free information while others charge a fee. Additionally, these sites do not always reflect current exam content, policies, or procedures.

Bookstores and Libraries

Visit your bookstore, library or online book store to find preparatory books for your exam.

University Resources

If you need help with test anxiety or test-taking skills, Kelly Center Academic Success Programs provides free assistance to FHSU students, faculty and staff. Contact the Kelly Center to schedule an appointment to visit with the Coordinator of Academic Success Programs and learn ways to manage test anxiety and improve your test-taking skills.

Additionally, if the test you need to take is related to your field of study, you may consider visiting with faculty in the department in which you are enrolled. Faculty often have information on examinations related to their area of expertise.

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