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Fall 1997 LDRS 310 Projects:

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B.U.C.K.: Benefiting Unsatisfied Consumers of Kansas

Team Members:
John Dolezal, Bonnie Duden, Amy Litzenberger, Amy Pfannenstiel

Mission Statement:
Our formal group will come together as both citizens and officials of Western Kansas to research existing shopping and dining needs of this area. We will compare our current mall facility to area needs, and to the facilities in larger cities where consumers are currently traveling to patronize. We will then build the “Frontier Emporium” in Hays, KS in order to provide a location for housing new businesses and services. With this idea, we will attempt to keep revenues from Northwest Kansas in Northwest Kansas.

C.O.P.I.L.O.T.: Commitment to Opportunities Providing Inexpensive Lines of Travel

Team Members:
Renae Brungardt, Travis Brunner, Shelby Hayden, Mike Schwanke, Jerome Siercks, Carole Vrbas

Mission Statement:
The C.O.P.I.L.O.T. task force will identify the problems associated with the Hays Municipal Airport. Then it will improve and transform the Hays Municipal Airport into the Hays Regional Airport Center by establishing Denver, Colorado as a second destination, by bringing a hotel and at least two restaurants to the airport center. It also wishes to increase the number of airline passengers who depart from and arrive at this airport through the use of advertising and a shuttle bus service. Finally, the C.O.P.I.L.O.T. task force wishes to effectively serve the needs of the residents of northwest Kansas and it wishes to help the Hays Regional Airport reach its fullest potential by becoming “The Hub of Northwest Kansas.”

Hays Signage Committee

Team Members:
Angela Dome, Megan Carlini, Tom Moody, Lori Spittles, Jeremiah Struck

Mission Statement:
The Hays Signage Committee will remedy the signage problem of Hays, Kansas through a phase signage replacement program. This will, in turn, create safer streets for citizens and guests of the All-American City of Hays.

L.E.A.D.: Leadership Education for Adolescent Development

Team Members:
Mary Ahern, Amanda Batt, Sara Hibbard, Jason Jennings, J.L. Wilson

Mission Statement:
The mission of Leadership Education for Adolescent Development (LEAD) is to convince the Kansas Board of Education to require secondary schools to implement Leadership Studies courses within their curricula.

Pool Task Force

Team Members:
Mark Anders, Elizabeth Berning, Chandra Daffer, Brandi Wilhelm, Aaron Wiman

Mission Statement:
We, Fort Hays State University Students of the Pool Task Force, intend to assist committee members in researching all options for a new Municipal Pool. Together, with persistence, collaboration, and research, our Task Forces will strive to suggest a type of pool that will most effectively serve the needs of Hays and the surrounding communities. Our suggestions will be based on a survey that we will create and execute this semester.

S.I.V.I.C.: Students Involved in Volunteer work to Improve the Community

Team Members:
Kevin Holsch, Melissa Mosher, Dennis Rominger, Trina Sahlfeld

Mission Statement:
The S.I.V.I.C. task force will write a proposal and make recommendations to Fort Hays State University faculty for implementation of a unique curriculum centered around volunteer work. As a result, this program will provide educated volunteers to help deal with the social problems of Hays and Western Kansas.

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