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Fall 2000 LDRS 310 Projects:

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R.U.R.A.L. Resource Book

Team Members:
Matt Arnhold, Travis Togstad, Amanda William

Mission Statement:
The mission of this project is to create an ongoing resource book that includes the Fort Hays State University community. These volunteers will participate in the YouthFriends program which also branched into an after-school program and a peer tutoring program at USD 489. Volunteers may also give their time at The Learning Center of Ellis County. We hope to bring excited, interesting individuals from Fort Hays State University to the school district in order to promote school success, health, and safety for the children of our community.

Walking Path Sign Project

Team Members:
James Launchbaugh, Josh Lee, James Orr, Brandon Weis

Mission Statement:
This project seeks to provide meaningful service to exercise devotees, new walkers, and incoming students by providing maps with essential distances around campus. By placing maps in the hands of potential students, we hope to entice them by using the compact size of our campus as a selling point.

Fun Stuff Drive: After School Programs of Hays

Team Members:
Emily Griffin, Andrea Ring, Sara Schrum, Shane Smith

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide each elementary schools after school program with a “care package” that will include the common supplies compiled from our survey along with specific items requested by the individual program directors. We sent a formal letter to each elementary school regarding their after-school program which describes our goal to support the after-school programs in the Hays community and the steps we plan to take to achieve this goal. We included a survey and return envelope with this letter in a simple format so that the program directors could simply check the basic supplies that their program needs. This survey also included space to list any other items the program wants or needs and any individuals who would be willing to help with our project.

Baskets for Babies: A Drive for the Mary Elizabeth Maternity Home

Team Members:
Dawn Billinger, Drew Howard, Katie Ware

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide the needed baby items through community donations; in addition, make the public aware of the house and its needs. We are currently organizing a drive to collect various items that the directors of the Mary Elizabeth Home feel that they need most. To obtain optimal participation from the community, we are contacting local churches and businesses for their support. We are also using these contacts to set up drop-off boxes at their locations. TMP-Marian has agreed to endorse a “Spirit Day” in which the students can wear jeans to school if they donate one dollar for the drive. The TMP-Marian PTF and Alumni Association did a split-the-pot fundraiser.


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