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Fall 2002 LDRS 310 Projects:

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Tiger’s Den Structural Renovation Team

Team Members:
Travis Gano, Susan Gleason, Heath Schmidt, Jared Thomason

Mission Statement:
As a collection of FHSU leadership students, we are implementing a change of the vacant Tiger’s Den.

Railroader Ramps

Team Members:
Melissa Beyer, Angie Flax, Maryl Gottschalk, Tiffany Sanchez, Justin Tuttle

Mission Statement:
Ellis, Kansas is a small rural community in which children have limited options for leisurely activity. It is important for the citizens of Ellis to realize the need for its children to have a safe, fun, and productive form of entertainment within the city. We as a group feel that this project to obtain a skate park in Ellis can bring the whole community of Ellis together. This project will cost a lot of money and take a lot of work to complete; it will require the community to bond together to share their time and resources to participate in what we believe to be a good cause.

Community Youth Committee

Team Members:
Lacy Abercrombie, Sheila Kenton, Ross Montgomery, Jayna Montoia

Mission Statement:
The Community Youth Committee has recognized the idea that community involvement is necessary for youth to have a successful future. They have realized a need to initiate activities for area youth to unite them as functional members of their community. In terms of the results that may be achieved by our leadership project team, we believe that our most important contribution is information. In recognition of this need, we have dedicated our time to researching the requests of the community’s youth and evaluating their responses. This information will then be presented to the committee to aid them in future areas.

Cultures Coming Together

Team Members:
Sarah Braun, Daron Jamison, Fernando Ramirez, Rigoberto Ramirez, Thomas Toland

Mission Statement:
The problem arises because the Hays community, a predominantly white community, may not be preparing to face the rapidly growing Mexican community. Like other citizens, Mexican immigrants need to feel like they are welcomed and cared about, but most importantly they need to know that they are accepted. In order to do this, the Hays community needs to be educated about the Mexican culture so there is better understanding and therefore acceptance. We must take a proactive role in creating a community in which others feel welcomed. This can be accomplished by contacting people and businesses through the media and on a personal basis.

Seeking Leadership and Ethical Awareness

Team Members:
Jason McClendon, Monica Rein, Shelly Slothower

Mission Statement:
Our project is to create a way to increase the knowledge of the city of Hays, surrounding areas, and Kansas about the importance of ethics and leadership. The way to do this is through a leadership conference. This conference will try to not only make the community and public more aware of ethics and leadership, but it will also make the attendees aware of ways to become more ethical leaders in the business world.



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