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Fall 2012 LDRS 310 Projects:

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Relay Field Day-American Cancer Society

Team Members:
Miranda Brigforth, Katie Kirkhart, Bayleigh Eash, Zang JiaQi (Zoe), Zhoa Yang (Erin)

Mission Statement:
Our purpose is to work with the American Cancer Society, targeting the seventh graders of Hays Middle School, to raise awareness about unhealthy living habits to steer them toward healthier living choice.

The Ellis Mission Project

Team Members:
Griffin Bortzfield, Tyler Fross, Tim Herrman, Huo Qingquan (Rock), Jared Polifka, Kevin Probert

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to study the City of Ellis' collective community values for trends and craft a pair of statements that will adequately articulate the mission and vision of the city's residents.

4-H Turkey Trot 5K Run/Walk

Team Members:
Robert Kuehl, Rachael Smith, Chris Thomson, Liu Lu (Loretta), Kaitlyn Wolf

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to increase awareness of the Ellis County 4-H program while promoting healthy living in a family-friendly environment, and raising money to send 4-H kids to camp.

Neon Hope-Up 'til Dawn, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Team Members:
Seth Bailey, Ashley Eshbaugh, Amelia Nickelson, Kristen Ronnebaum, Jenna Wondra, AJ Woodall

Mission Statement:
The mission of Neon Hope is to raise money during scheduled events to help further research and development of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and to reduce the cost of admittance for children diagnosed with cancer into St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Healthy Lifestyle Promotion-Ellis Alliance

Team Members:
Aaron Blew, Sarah Gist, Taylor Ostmeyer, Eleasha Tryon, Jin YanBing (Jasmine)

Mission Statement:
Healthy Lifestyle Promotion is a series of activities held by our team and the Ellis Alliance to make an effort to promote healthy activities and healthy eating to the kids and residents that live in Ellis.

J.T. VonLintel Outdoor Mentoring Program

Team Members:
Tyler Hallagin, Bryan Hull, Crystal Kinderknecht, Bailey Koerperich, Joanne Pabst, Wang XiaoYue (Christina)

Mission Statement:
The mission of the J.T. Outdoorsmen is to build and sustain the J.T. VonLintel Outdoor Mentoring Program by allowing Littles to explore the wonderful outdoors and nature in order to recruit possible Big matches.

Paws For A Cause-Western Plains Animal Refuge

Team Members:
Kaid Baumann, Jiang SiChun (Susie), Justing Chandler, Ryan Zeltwanger

Mission Statement:
To construct and to renovate the Western Plains Animal Refuge so they may provide help and care to needy and mistreated animals, as well as raise awareness and money for Western Plains Animal Refuge.

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