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Spring 1999 LDRS 310 Projects:

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Volunteer News

Team Members:
Katie Bollig, Chanel Doyle, Heather Gfeller, Clarine Jacobs

Mission Statement:
Our group’s mission is to increase public awareness about the needs for and benefits of volunteerism and service throughout the Hays community, as well as recruit others to donate their time to those in need. We will obtain this goal mainly by finding the funding for and developing an informational newsletter in order to increase communication and collaboration among the current human service organizations.

Highway 40-N.I.N.E.R.S.: Nurturing Improvements Needed for Ellis Roads and Streets

Team Members:
Ashely Adorante, Trina Sahlfeld, Lana Seibel, Erik Wilson

Mission Statement:
The Highway 40-N.I.N.E.R.S. Nurturing Improvements Needed for Ellis Roads and Streets task force will identify the problems associated with Highway 40 in Ellis County and, in an attempt to help solve the problems, survey a 54 square mile area in western Ellis County that will be impacted by the construction on Highway 40 with hopes of an 80% survey return.

City of Ellis

Team Members:
Jeff Claycamp, Andy Conwell, Kristen Lindsten, Sarah Thompson

Mission Statement:
The task force will work in conjunction with the students of Ellis High School to create a website for the City of Ellis to inform its citizens about their local government and ways to volunteer in their community. It will also serve as a stepping stone to promote local tourism worldwide.

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