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Meet the April 2013 Students of the Month

On-Campus Student: Kali McCulloch

Kali is a junior from Wichita, KS pursuing a major in Organizational Leadership. She decided to pursue this major because of the classes and the variety of career choices this degree offers. Kali says, "Since I have chosen leadership as my major, I have not been happier and I feel like I can finally see my future clearly ahead of me." I have only taken two leadership classes and it is very difficult to pick which one is my favorite. Outside of academics, Kali also works at Carlos 'O Kelley's as a server and supervisor. When asked what her favorite leadership course that she has taken is, she explained that she equally enjoyed LDRS 300: Introduction to Leadership Concepts and LDRS 302: Introduction to Leadership Behavior. "LDRS 300 with Christie (Dr. Brungardt) is amazing and LDRS 302 with Jill (Dr. Arensdorf) is equally amazing. I believe that the reason why both Leadership Concepts and Leadership Behavior are so fantastic is because of the women who teach them. They both have impacted and motivated me to become a better student and person and I couldn't tell them how thankful I am even if I tried. You get out what you put in is true, but you get even more when you have excellent professors like Christie and Jill to guide you." In her spare time, Kali enjoys reading, spending time outside, and watching movies. "I appreciate nature and when you put nature and a good book together, it couldn't be a better day."

Virtual Student: Jamie Rogers

Congratulations Jamie!

International Student: YanBing Jin (Jasmine)

Congratulations Jasmine!

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