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Meet the February 2014 Students of the Month

On-Campus Student: Kirk Cusick

Kirk Cusick is a graduate student from Salina, Kansas. He is in his second year in the Masters of Liberal Studies program with a concentration in Organizational Leadership. His most enjoyable class was LDRS 640, Principles of Civic Leadership. Kirk explains, "If a student will listen, this class has the power to inspire one beyond what they have previously seen as their limitations. It captures the unyielding hope, strength, and courage of movement leaders. In a way, that makes students do some real soul searching. It makes a student ask, "Is it possible that I am called by what John Lewis labeled "the Spirit of History" and if so, do I have the capacity to answer the calling?"" It is because of this class and his passion for civic leadership and community organizing that he chose to pursue this degree. He continues to describe, "The citizens of our communities absolutely have to take their power back. We have to stop complaining about the world that is being handed to us, and recognize the collective power we have to make the world we would be proud to hand to the next generation. The principles taught in community organizing can teach us how to do this."

Kirk is the president of Students for a Sustainable Earth. He developed a garden on campus to help teach the children in the Tiger Tots Nurtury Center about caring for the Earth. Kirk explains that he is "a naturalist, and loves doing anything that connects (him) or helps connect others to Mother Earth." He acts on this by organizing citizens in his community to effect change, helps develop renewable energy in his community, and sets up neighborhood gardens in poor areas to help neighbors take charge of their lives. In his spare time he enjoys working with wood from tree to finished piece and gardening organically in his own garden.

Virtual Student: Chance Bulmer

Chance Bulmer is a junior from Andover, KS who is working toward an Organizational Leadership degree. He started out as a business major but found himself wanting classes that dealt with leading and building relationships with co-workers. He said, "After my first Introduction to Leadership class I was hooked." He found the concepts and research very intriguing. His favorite class was LDRS 310. Even though 310 was the most challenging class so far, he found that challenge to be a self-rewarding experience. Chance is involved in the Quest Leadership Program and the Center for Civic Leadership. Outside of school his hobbies include cooking, coin collecting, sports, coaching, and book collecting.

International Student: Luo Bingqi (Lisa)

Lou Bingqi is a senior from Anshan, China who is currently working toward a major in Organizational Leadership. She chose to get involved with the department because the classes that she takes here help her develop the characteristics of a leader. Her favorite class has been LDRS 420: Women and Leadership. When talking about the class she said, "It has broadened my vision and made me believe that females can perform as well as males do." Outside of class, she is involved with the Alternative Weekend in Wichita, volunteer work, and the Model United Unions club. Her hobbies include playing the piano, table tennis, and swimming.

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