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Minor in Leadership Studies

Minor-New"How do I make myself more marketable to potential employers?" This is a typical question an undergrad might ask as he or she begins to near the completion of their collegiate experience. In the cutthroat corporate world, everyone is looking for a way to gain an edge. The undergraduates that have diversified their educational experience are one step closer to gaining that edge. The challenge is to add value to your current degree program and major. The Minor in Leadership Studies is designed to do just that. First, students develop a deep understanding of the major elements that make leadership successful. Second, students gain important practical skills essential for success in their chosen professions and in their personal lives as well. Click here for a printable version of the Minor in Leadership Studies curriculum

A Minor in Leadership Studies is a total of 21 credit hours. The initial 9 credit hours are set:
  LDRS 300 Introduction to Leadership Concepts 3
  LDRS 302 Introduction to Leadership Behavior 3
  LDRS 310 Field Work in Leadership Studies 3
Students are allowed to select the remaining 12 credit hours (4 courses) as they wish:
  IDS 407 Global Challenges (formerly IDS 111) 3
  LDRS 306 Leadership and Team Dynamics 3
  LDRS 420 Women and Leadership   3
  LDRS 450 Advanced Leadership Behaviors 3
  LDRS      460 Global Leadership  3
  LDRS 490 Topics in Leadership Studies (varies each semester)
  LDRS     600 Seminar in Organizational Leadership (varies each semester) 3
  LDRS 640 Principles of Civic Leadership 3
  LDRS 650 Principles of Organizational Leadership 3
  LDRS 670 Leadership and Personal Development 3
  LDRS 677 Internship in Leadership Studies 3
      TOTAL HOURS 21

For LDRS Core Course Rotation, click here.

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