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Meet the November 2014 Students of the Month

On-Campus Student: Dominique Davis

Dominique Davis is a senior from Kansas City, Missouri. His current major is General Studies, and he is working on a certificate in Leadership Studies. Dominique's favorite class so far has been Women in Leadership. He says this class has helped him realize gender inequalities and how to try to help solve this issue. He also says this class has made him closer to his mother. Dominique got involved with the department because of his advisor. Dominique says the department has shown him how to better himself, build a resume that is applicable to any career, and how to fight with words. When Dominique is not focused on school, he works as well as volunteers in Overland Park, teaching kids how to play basketball.

Virtual Student: James Myers

James Myers is a second year Graduate student from Dayton, Ohio working on a degree in Organizational Leadership. He currently works full- time as a law -enforcement professional. He became involved with the department and chose to continue his education in Leadership Studies because he felt it would expand his employment opportunities after he retires from law enforcement, and it will help his transition into the private sector much easier. James also thinks a degree in Leadership Studies is highly applicable to his current role in law enforcement. So far, James' favorite Leadership class has been LDRS 801- Theoretical Foundations of Leadership because this class was thought provoking and informative. James also says his instructor, Jeni McRay, does a fantastic job keeping students challenged, involved, and informed. When James is not focusing on work or school he likes to spend time with his family as well as play men's competitive softball and do home remodeling/renovation projects.

International Student: Xiyi Sun (Anna)

Xiyi Sun is a junior and currently a Leadership Studies major from Hangzhou City, China. Here, most of her friends call her Anna. This is Anna's first year at Fort Hays and she has become involved with organizations on campus including the International Student Union. She has also participated in Swipe Out Hunger and Self Defense workshops as well as been part of the LDRS 310 team- Water Conservation Project. Anna wanted to get involved in the department because she thought it could help her find and overcome her weaknesses and explore her potential. So far her favorite Leadership class has been LDRS 450 because it is meaningful and the content is practical and applicable. Outside of school, Anna likes to play sports, swim, and exercise. She also loves nature and has been collecting stones and leaves since she was in middle school. Another activity Anna enjoys is mountain climbing. Once, she climbed Mount Tai, a 5,069 foot tall mountain. Starting at 11pm, she climbed for more than five hours and watched the sun rise; this experience is one of her most unforgettable.

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