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Meet the February 2017 Students of the Month

On-Campus Student: Megan Rust

Megan is a sophomore from Leavenworth majoring in Organizational Leadership and earning a certificate in Global Leadership. On campus, she is involved in Honors College, KAMS/Honors College Executive Council, VALUE, Fort Hays Honor Society, and is an Orientation Leader. Outside of school, Megan's hobbies are photography, reading, and serving others. Megan got involved with the department because there is no direct path to become a missionary. Leadership Studies gives her the tools to be an effective leader and enough confidence in her abilities as a leader to take necessary risks to create real, lasting change. She wants to change the world and the Department of Leadership Studies is equipping her with everything she needs to do it. So far, her favorite class has been the VALUE class. This school year, the class has become a family that pushes each other to succeed. Megan has gotten the unique opportunity to conduct research as an undergraduate and this responsibility has pushed her to make the most of her time in class. Even though it is stressful at times, she's gotten experience she could not find in another class at this, or any other, university.

Virtual Student: Charmine Chambers

Charmine is a second year Master of Professional Studies student from Topeka. She has participated in the Alzheimer's Memory Walk for several years and she enjoys reading, scrapbooking, and exercising. Charmine got involved in the department because she has not always been in similar career fields and wanted a flexible degree with application to the business world. When looking at the course section, the classes interested her and she was able to see the real world application. Charmine says she could not choose what class has been her favorite. She has enjoyed them all for different reasons and she has had an "ah-ha" moment in each class.

International Student: Lv Xinying (Rebecca)

Rebecca is a junior from Laiwu, Shandong Province, China and attending Shenyang Normal University. She is working towards a degree in Organizational Leadership. On campus, Rebecca is involved in Ant Studio. Ant Studio has two businesses, Ant Coffee and Ant Kitchen, where students can practice professional skills and gain work experience. Rebecca has been able to learn a lot from being involved in Ant Studio especially because she is interested in something like this for a career. Ant Studio teaches Rebecca how to communicate and collaborate efficiently, how to see other's strengths and be able to use these strengths in a team. Rebecca has many hobbies including traveling and shopping with friends, drawing, roller-skating, playing the ukulele, and practicing English. Rebecca says studying leadership is essential to promote the development of society. So far, her favorite leadership class has been Leadership and Personal Development (LDRS 670) because what she has learned has helped her identify and build her strengths and identify and improve her weaknesses.

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