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Meet the May 2017 Students of the Month

On-Campus Student: Dalton Steinert

Dalton is a senior Accounting major from Otis; he is working toward a minor in English and the Leadership Studies Certificate. On campus, he is the membership chair for Mortar Board (an honor society), the assistant- publicity coordinator for the Fort Hays Honor Society, and the president of Us 4 U. Dalton is also part of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and an Orientation and Welcome Leader. Outside of school, Dalton enjoys running, reading, and discussing anything, especially books, movies, and TV shows. He chose to get involved with the department because he realized he enjoyed leading people and thinking about different ways people can influence others. He realized he could apply the certificate to his degree and that he was interested in the concepts and framework of leadership. After talking with his advisor, he enrolled in LDRS 300, Introduction to Leadership Concepts. This is his favorite class from the certificate because he enjoyed the textbook and class discussions Dalton says this class deepened his interest in leadership.

On-Campus Student: Gao Aijing (Alice)

Alice is a first-year graduate student working toward a degree in Higher Education Administration (HESA). She is from Zhoukou, Henan province China. On campus, she works as a graduate assistant at the Alumni Association. Outside of school, Alice likes to hang out with her friends. She got involved with the department because she wanted to explore leadership theories and to support her practice in her future career. Her favorite class has been LDRS 802, Organizational Systems, Change, and Leadership because of her instructor, Jeni McRay, is open-minded. Alice likes exchanging ideas with Jeni which helps her understand the course material.

Virtual Student: Monica Turner

Monica is a junior Organizational Leadership major from Mulvane. In her community, Monica is an active volunteer, to name a few, she has volunteered with the Doc Sunback Film Festival, the Christmas Downtown Night, the Mulvane Beer and Wine Fest, and local fundraising efforts since August floods devastated her community. Monica loves spending time with her family and friends. She and her husband are very social and like to have friends over or go out with friends. Their daughter, who is a high school senior, takes after them and is always off to do something. Monica also loves to crochet, knit, spend time with her dogs, and listen to live bands every week. Monica chose to get involved with the department because she believes to change the temperature of corporate America, we have to embrace a new way of leadership. She says "we must have leaders who can embrace change and not only see its necessity but have the courage to push that change to become reality." Her favorite class so far has been LDRS 300, Introduction to Leadership Concepts. She liked this class because it helped her articulate what she did not like about the leaders around her. She became excited about leadership because of this class and that excitement has sustained her through long nights, little sleep, and stress.

International Student: Mei Shiyu (Mayseri)

Mayseri is a junior from Zheng Zhou, HeNan Province China double majoring in Organizational Leadership and Finance. On campus, she is involved with Enactus and the Student Union. She joined Enactus to improve her ability with difference companies and to open her mind during work time. In April 2014, Mayseri was chosen with three other students to represent the university at the Enactus China Henan Shanxi Region Competition. They won third place and the Maximum Cultural Award. Outside of school, she likes to take photographs while traveling and in the winter she likes to ski. She got involved with the department because the courses can help her learn about relationships between leaders and followers and easily manage conflict as well as learn useful ways to collaborate. Her favorite class so far has been LDRS 310, Fieldwork in Leadership Studies because she experienced and received more. She realized more about the deep meaning of leadership and how to encourage and influence members and collaborate well. She also met many great people throughout her project and made friends with them.

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