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Meet the December 2017 Students of the Month

On-Campus Student: Luke Cox

Luke is a senior Organizational Leadership major from Colby. On campus, he is in the National Society of Leadership and Success. His hobbies include lifting weights, listening to music, playing his guitar, and hanging out with friends. Luke chose to get involved with the department because he believed it would teach him how to be a better leader, set him apart from the average person who follows the status quo and put him in an excellent position to find a fulfilling career. His favorite leadership class so far has been LDRS 310, Fieldwork in Leadership Studies. He enjoyed the course because it was hands-on and it allowed him to act upon a real leadership opportunity in the community.

Virtual Student: Brock Batley

Congratulations, Brock!

International Student: Chen Yi (Beira)

Beira is a junior from Beijing working toward a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Organizational Leadership. Her future career field is in economics, but is interested in leadership and wants to focus on educating herself about the subject in her postgraduate education. Since going to school at SIAS, she has gotten involved in many things on campus. Beira is involved in the World Academy of the Future of Women and the SIAS Youth Volunteers (which is an organization that does community service activities).  Outside of school, Beira likes to read, swim, listen to music, hike, travel, and hang out with friends. Beira enjoys the field of Leadership because she has been curious about influences and relationships between leaders and followers. She also realized leadership is essential in any company, and she wants to do something meaningful for society. So far, Beira’s favorite class has been LDRS 310, Fieldwork in Leadership Studies. LDRS 310 has been her favorite because the content was practical and she learned a lot from her project. Beira even says “To be honest, this project will influence my whole life because now I know HIV is a big problem for China.” This class helped Beira understand and practice the knowledge she learned from course, and the content was compelling and globalized.

International Student: Pang Lujia (Wendy)

Wendy is a junior Organizational Leadership major and International Economy and Trade major from Shenyang China. On campus, she enjoys practicing English with classmates. Wendy would like to get involved in more activities and organizations to improve herself. Outside of school, she loves to travel, listen to music, and dance. When traveling, Wendy says "authentic snacks are a temptation." Wendy got involved with Leadership Studies because she assumed the knowledge she would acquire would have great influence on her future job. This is especially true about what she learned about emotional intelligence and how to apply that to her life and future career. So far, her favorite Leadership class has been LDRS 306, Leadership and Team Dynamics. The challenges presented by the course gave her a new understanding of leadership and how to deal with complicated situations in the workplace.  

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