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Staff: Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies Staff

Faculty Development Liaisons


For Blackboard Support: 

Blackboard Support Center

Phone: Call TigerTech at 785-628-3478
Faculty Only:

Faculty Tutorials



Creating and Managing Assignments
Inline Assignment Grading
Blackboard's New Inline Assignment Grading Video
Tracking and Viewing Statistics
SafeAssign Integration with Assignments
Delegated Grading
Anonymous Grading


Reviewing a Submitted SafeAssignment
Direct Submit in Safe Assign
SafeAssign Integration with Assignments

Tests and Surveys

How to Create, Deploy, and Review a Test
How to Create, Deploy, and Review a Survey
Test Results and Feedback to Students
Extend Test Times for Selected Students
Test Access Log
Copy an Individual Test or Survey (Export and Import)
Writing and Uploading Exams using Respondus

Peer to Peer

Self and Peer Assessment


General Introduction and How to Create a Rubric

Adaptive Release on Assessment Items

Adaptive Release Tool
Set up Tests with Extended Time Frames
Bio-Sig Integration

Blackboard What's New?

Helpful information for you to understand the New features and improved functionality in Blackboard!

(Updated 06/08/2016)

Guidelines for Posting Photos/Avatars in Bb Profiles
How to upload a picture/avatar to your Bb profile?

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