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Staff: Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies Staff

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For Blackboard Support: 

Blackboard Support Center

Phone: Call TigerTech at 785-628-3478
Faculty Only:

Blackboard: Student Tutorials

IMPORTANT REMINDER to all students:  Courses will be available to enrolled* students on the first day of classes; please do not expect your course to be available before the first day of classes. Faculty are only required to have courses available on the first day. If you are enrolled* and do not see your courses on the first day, please contact your instructor.

*Enrollment is when you complete the Enrollment/Payment tab in TigerEnroll, selecting your payment method and permanently securing your approved classes, also referred to as 'finalizing' enrollment.

Blackboard Help

Supported Browsers and Plugins
Known Issues
Check your Bb student tutorial “class” on Blackboard
Blackboard Video Tutorials (Login to Bb is Required)

Working with Your Course

Please watch the brief (3-4 minute) video tutorials on each topic below.

Checking Your Grades
Taking a Test Online
Creating a Blog Entry
Creating a Discussion Board Post
Creating and Editing a Wiki Page
Submitting an Assignment
Recording a Video in Youtube

Other Useful Resources

Guidelines for Posting Photos/Avatars in Bb Profiles
How to upload a picture/avatar to your Bb profile? 

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