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How to perform a Course Copy

We have now made "course copy" feature available in your course. This will allow instructors copy their own courses into the new course shells. Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies will continue to perform course copy on request but, if you choose, a few steps will allow you to complete your own course copies.

This short video (less than 3 minutes) will show you how to complete a course copy
How to complete a course copy with Articulate Lectures
How to check Articulate Lectures in your course

Please note: the copied material may not show up in the the new course shell for a few minutes so you might be tempted to repeat the copy process. Please be patient and wait for the copy process to be completed.

If, however, you performed course copy twice and now have everything doubled in your course, please send us an email and we will bulk delete your course content first, then you can perform course copy again.

If you would still like us to perform the course copy for you, please submit a ticket for your course request at the below section. Please allow three or four business days.

Once the course copy is complete, please check the beginning of the semester checklist - New-Beginning-of-the-semseter-checklist.pdf

Managing your course list in Bb - Managing-your-Courses-List-in-Bb.pdf

We will automatically copy ALL of the course content unless you have special instructions. For special instructions be sure to use the "comments" box when you create your new ticket.

Note: If you are merging two or more sections into one Bb shell, please submit the merge request FIRST, wait until it's finished, then submit a course copy request.

Submit a course copy request:

1. Go to
2. Log into the site with your Blackboard/Tiger Central account.
3. Click New Ticket and Course Copy Requests
4. Complete the form (choosing your "from" and "to" Bb sites) and Submit.

If you need a course copy from another instructor's course, you will need to be added first into that course as an instructor by the other instructor. Then, you will see that course in ticket request after 24 hours.

Merging multiple sections into one

You may find it helpful to merge multiple sections or cross-listed courses into a single Blackboard course if you do not wish to post identical assignments and information in multiple locations. You also can have more interaction for students in the discussion board which they are from different sections.

If you teach multiple sections of the same course and would like to use only one Bb site for all sections, please check the following instruction.

1. Go to
2. Log into the site with your Blackboard/TigerCentral account
3. Click New Ticket and "Blackboard Course Merging and Enrollment Exemption"
4. Complete the form and click submit

Link to Step-by-Step Guide for Course Merging

If you have questions regarding this, please call TigerTech at 3478 or email us at

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