Lecture Capture/Camtasia Relay

Capturing course lectures (with full video or just your computer screen and audio) can be a great resource for increasing student engagement in a flexible format useful both on and off campus. Pre-recorded lectures can also maximize classroom learning time by introducing new content before students meet with you face-to-face, freeing up class time for active learning, teacher guidance, and meaningful discussion. To make the most of recorded lectures consider the following:

  1. Couple recorded lectures with online quizzes. Responses can indicate areas of content mastery and/or confusion. Even low-stakes quizzes can motivate students to view lectures prior to class or online discussions.
  2. List lecture recordings by topic and tie them to study packs or other content to help students prepare for quizzes, midterms, or exams
  3. Divide lectures into short segments (3-12 minutes) based on topic. This can be done in class during recording or after an entire lecture is captured.
  4. Utilize lecture capture to respond to frequently asked questions, explicitly (re)state learning outcomes, or trigger student curiosity outside of class.
  5. Be specific in your syllabus and in class about how you expect the use of recorded lectures to influence class attendance and/or participation policies.

To get started, access the tutorials Here

Contact CTELT to get started with lecture capture and use your in-class time for engaged learning, active student involvement, and constructive feedback.

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