Learning Technologies' FIRST Virtual Conference

We will be hosting our FIRST series of Virtual Conference Presentations on October 14 -16. You will have an option to attend on campus in Hammond Hall (Register to Reserve a Seat) or virtually in the convenience of your office/home. As you will see, there are several concurrent sessions (Streamed Sessions). We have purchased open access for you to choose the sessions that best meet your needs. The sessions that will be viewed at Hammond Hall are topics that we selected to represent areas for all disciplines/departments. However, remember, you have the option to select your sessions.

There are 3 ways to attend this virtual conference

You won't want to miss the Keynote Speakers!

Day 1 Keynote
American Higher Education in Crisis? Myths and Realities
October 14th at 3:45 p.m. in Hammond Hall Rooms 238, 215 and 102

Goldie Blumenstyk (The Chronicle of Higher Education, USA)

Goldie Blumenstyk is one of the nation's most respected higher-education journalists. As a reporter and an editor at The Chronicle of Higher Education since 1988, she has covered a wide range of topics, including distance education, the Internet boom and bust, state politics, university governance, and fund raising. She is nationally known for her expertise on for-profit higher education, college finances, and university patents and the commercialization of academic research. Blumenstyk has reported for The Chronicle from Peru, China, and several countries in Europe, and her stories have received numerous awards, including first prize from the Education Writers Association for 2011 for beat reporting on the Business of Higher Education and as a contributor to the The Chronicle's package,"The Gates Effect," awarded first prize for investigative reporting in 2013. She has also written for The New York Times and USA Today, and has appeared as a guest on C-SPAN and National Public Radio.

Day 2 Keynote
The Move to Student-Centered Active Learning Will Not Be Easy
Oct. 15 at 7:00 a.m. in Hammond Hall Rooms 238, 215 and 102

Phil Hill and Michael Feldstein (MindWires Consulting, USA)

Phil Hill (Midwires Consulting, USA)
Phil is Co-Publisher of the e-Literate blog, Co-Producer of e-Literate TV, and Partner at MindWires Consulting. As a market analyst, Phil has analyzed the growth of technology-enabled change for educational institutions, uncovering and describing the major trends and implications for the broader market. His unique graphics and visual presentations have been widely used in the industry. As an independent consultant, Phil helps educational institutions, technology and content vendors, and policy makers as they consider and implement new initiatives. Phil's clients have included Western Governors University, California Community College System, Iowa State University, Bournemouth University, Pearson Education, Coursera, and others.

Michael Feldstein (Mindwires Consulting, USA)

Michael is Co-Publisher of the e-Literate blog, Co-Producer of e-Literate TV, and Partner at MindWires Consulting. A lifelong educator, Michael was an Assistant Director at the SUNY Learning Network, where he oversaw blended learning faculty development, and was part of the leadership team for the LMS platform migration efforts of this 40-campus program. Before SUNY, he was co-founder and CEO of MindWires, a company that provided e-learning and knowledge management products and services to Fortune 500 corporations, with a special emphasis on software simulations. In a previous life, Michael was a middle school and high school teacher.

Virtual Attendee Benefits

  • On-demand access to all recorded sessions is provided to onsite and virtual attendees post-conference for one year. To access streamed sessions, participants need to be logged in at
  • Participate despite schedule or budget restraints. If your schedule or budget does not allow for the trip or your institution does not support travel outside of your state, the virtual attendee option provides a full-scale online experience.
  • Virtual schedule provides excellent breadth and depth of the program offered. Selected sessions to be live broadcast include the keynote and plenary sessions, featured sessions, select information sessions, and key vendor showcase sessions. Select workshops are also available via live broadcast.
  • View live webcast or on-demand recordings. Onsite and virtual option attendees have access to on-demand recordings of the sessions for up to one year post-conference at no additional cost. No need to re-arrange your schedule to view a particular session...access the recording at your leisure!
  • Virtually participate in Discovery Sessions. Discovery session presenters will be encouraged to upload their presentation materials to VoiceThread, where virtual participants can view and comment on these sessions.
  • Be a true participant of the conference. Special attention is paid to integrate the onsite event with the virtual event. Virtual attendees will be able to post questions in each session and participate in discussions via our OLC Facebook Group. We also invite all virtual participants to Tweet their comments on sessions using our Twitter hashtag #olc15.

There are three ways to participate in the
OLC Virtual Conference.

  1. Join us for on-campus sessions to be held in Hammond Hall.
    There will be three meeting rooms reserved for synchronous viewing of the streamed sessions as they are broadcast live from Orlando Florida. We have chosen sessions that we think will be of wide interest. To join these sessions with other colleagues please register for the sessions you would like to attend. SEATING is LIMITED

  3. Watch synchronously from the comfort of your own computer.
  4. Watch any and all streamed conference sessions for one full year after the conference.

For Option 2 or 3 you will first need to complete your FREE registration and review the below preparation materials:

Watch synchronously from the comfort of your own computer. Here is the list of all streamed sessions

Q: How can I be sure that my computer will be compatible to watch the streamed sessions?

Step 1
: You need to be logged into using your free user account (this was required when you registered as a virtual attendee for this conference).
Step 2: We use Sonic Foundry's MediaSite player which requires Silverlight. The player can be tested at

Test this before the event. Don't wait until the last minute!

Download a free version of Microsoft Silverlight:
*Please Note:
Microsoft Silverlight may not work in recent versions of Google Chrome. Learn how to resolve this issue.

Here are detailed access instructions:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I see what sessions are streaming live from the conference?

A: From the conference website, select the tab "PROGRAM", then select "Streamed Sessions". Plan ahead - know which sessions you want to attend and when they are happening. Enter the session room early so that you don't miss anything. The OLC International Conference is in the Eastern time zone - all times listed in the program are Eastern - adjust your calendar/schedule accordingly.

Q: How can I access the live streams of the sessions?

A: From the Streamed Session listing, you simply click on the title of the session you'd like to attend to go to that session's page. From the session page, you will see a link under the session title that reads "Watch this Session". You need to click on this tab to open up a pop-up window that will contain the video player as well as a chat room that you can connect to and ask questions of the presenter, chat with other attendees, etc.

Q: The conference starts in 10 minutes - I am logged in but there is nothing on my screen.

A: Streamed sessions don't begin streaming until the time the session begins - not before the start time. Stay logged in; it will begin streaming on schedule. Remember - the Sessions are listed in the conference time zone - EASTERN TIME ZONE.

Q: What if a session has already started but the stream isn't working?

A: If something we are experiencing technical difficulty with the stream, please know that it is still being recorded. If the stream isn't back after a couple minutes, we recommend switching to watch a different session and watching the recording of the interrupted session at another time. Recordings will be available within 24 hours of sessions ending and you will have access to them for one year.

Q: If I want to watch 2 sessions that are streaming simultaneously, can I go back later and view one of them?

A: Yes, all of the recorded sessions will be available for viewing 24 hours after the live, streamed presentation. They will be available for up to one year post-conference.

Q: Who do I contact for technical help if I continue to have access problems after troubleshooting on my own?

A: Please contact for technical help. First be sure that you are logged in to the OLC conference website with your free user account. You will see in the upper right hand corner of your screen "You are logged in as username". Next, be sure you have Microsoft Silverlight installed on your system. Be sure that you have tested Sonic Foundry's Mediasite Player. Please be sure that your internet connection is working. If you still need technical assistance, please email us as stated above.

Q: How do I interact through the session chair?

A: Each streamed session will have a dedicated on-site session chair who will relay your content related questions and comments to the presenter(s) and the on-site audience.
The session chair will introduce herself/himself to the virtual audience at the beginning of the session using the chat feature on the streaming site. If you have a question or comment, write it in the chat window.

Your session chair will relay it to the presenter and the on-site audience using a microphone, either at the end during the Q&A portion, or when/if the presenter pauses to take questions.

If you need further clarification, let your session chair know, and s/he will be happy to help.

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